All-in-one meeting and webinar room

Our webinar room bridges distances in today’s global world, making it perfect for businesses and educators alike. We unite attendees worldwide for meaningful discussions and knowledge sharing in one virtual space. Whether you’re engaging remote teams, training employees across different locations, or delivering educational sessions to students globally, our advanced webinar room empowers your virtual events and instant meetings
Transform your virtual classroom with our innovative webinar solution.

Sleek and superior webinar room experience

Our webinar room is a specialized virtual space designed for hosting interactive webinars, meetings, web conferences, and online events. Think of it as your digital arena — a place where you can share your screen, give presentations, and engage with attendees in real time. Our all-in-one webinar room includes features like intuitive chat tools, polls, Q&A options, CTAs, and much more. Enjoy seamless performance and leading-edge functionality

Deliver an exceptional webinar room experience for your audience.

Fully-featured webinar room for your success

Explore our comprehensive web-based webinar room, equipped with all the features you need for a successful session and live broadcasting

Webinar room capacity

Estimate how many people will attend your webinar. To assist with this, set up a landing page for pre-registration and keep track of the sign-ups. Use this data to select the right size for your webinar room. However, keep in mind that it’s not always possible to predict everything perfectly, and there may be times when attendance exceeds the capacity of your chosen virtual webinar room
Pre-register to gauge webinar attendance. Select right room size. Be ready for unexpected sign-ups.

User-friendly design

The critical consideration is how easy it is for you and your attendees to use the chosen webinar room. While downloading an app might be fine for you, it could be challenging for less tech-savvy participants. Therefore, our virtual meeting and webinar room always operate directly in the browser, ensuring everyone has easy access

Presentation storage

People have varying requirements for a webinar room. Some may require only video broadcasting and a single presentation, making a standard webinar room perfectly adequate. Others might want to display multiple presentations, images, or videos sequentially to enhance the interactivity of the online event

Multi-language support

Eliminating language barriers in the webinar room will guarantee the success of your live event. Our webinar room supports 23 languages and caters to participants from across the globe. This multilingual support ensures that every attendee can fully engage and benefit from the content

Webinar recording

There are many advantages to choosing a webinar room with recording and editing capabilities. This feature allows you to see your presentation from your attendees' perspective, identify areas for improvement, and enhance your delivery


Frequently asked questions

Are you looking to enhance your marketing strategies or streamline your business operations? Our webinar room is specifically designed for you
Can I customize the look of my webinar room?
Absolutely! We provide various tools to customize your webinar room, empowering you to personalize it with background images, logos, color schemes, and localization options.
How many participants can attend a webinar hosted?
Our versatile webinar room can host anywhere from 30 to 10,000 attendees at your virtual event, depending on the subscription plan you select.
Can I share my screen directly in a webinar room?
Sure! You can share your screen with participants during a live event using the free screen-sharing feature in our webinar room. For details on how to share your screen securely, please visit our website.
Can I record my live event in a webinar room?
Yes, of course! Our platform lets you record virtual events or video conferences held in our webinar room. You can later download these recordings from your account for future reference or share them with colleagues and your audience, even with the option of password protection. Also, recordings of the entire webinar can be sent to registered individuals who could not attend the live session, helping to build trust and increase engagement.