Team for Holding Webinars

team for webinar
If you have ever held a webinar, you must have learned that preparation takes much time and considerable efforts. To-do’s usually include preparing a keynote, setting up a webinar room, invite attendees etc. It is nice to have a team taking care of at least some part of these tasks.

A thoroughly selected team can make the process of webinar preparation much easier for the organizer. You’d better not load one person with all tasks, but rather distribute the roles and responsibility clearly. You might agree that the result will be better if every employee takes only one’s own part of work.

So, who should enter the webinar preparation team?


The presenter creates the keynote, holds the webinar, and makes reports. One is in constant interaction with the audience – answering questions, inviting to discussions, stirring interest.

The presenter’s main goal is to realize the webinar’s aims – inform of new services, teach, make a presentation, induce attendees to visit a website or submit an application.

The presenter’s most responsible task is to present one’s company at the webinar, being the company’s “face“. The presenter is responsible for the impression about a brand that is formed for the audience. For this reason, selecting the presenter should be treated thoroughly.


The designer illustrates the keynote, the registration page and other visual content that might be required when preparing a webinar.

It would be great if the designer is familiar with HTML used for creating websites and landing pages. If so, you will no longer need to hire any desktop publishing specialists.

Online marketer

With no promotion, the webinar will remain unnoticed among other events. That is why be sure to supplement your team with an online marketer — the employee specializing in promotion of goods and service on the Internet.

To promote the webinar, the online marketer creates the portrait of a potential attendee and defines marketing strategies, involves different advertising tools like banner and context ads, social media, email campaigns, cooperation with partners and opinion leaders, as well as other sources for drawing attention.

After the webinar, the online marketer analyzes and makes assessment of the effectiveness of each promotion channel used and gets the insights for the future webinars.

Technical support specialist

Technical support specialists will deal with solving the tasks connected with equipment and technologies. They set up the webinar service, connect the webinar the payment processing system, adjust equipment, answer technical questions of attendees during the event.

Technical support specialists block attendees that send spam in the text chat. In a nutshell, they allow presenters concentrating on their presentations.

Tips on composing webinar teams

Candidates to your team can be found using specialized job seach websites. You can hire a person in your own city or find a proper application in any place all over the globe for remote cooperation.

Pay attention to the fact that your future employee should have solid understanding of webinar technologies. In this case, it will be easier to start cooperation and assign tasks.

Summary. You can hold a webinar on your own. Yet, if this process is realized by a team, you can count on thorough preparation and meaningful results. Irreplaceable for the team are a presenter, a designer, an online marketer and a technical support specialist.

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