How to Use Webinars for Video Marketing

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At present, the value of video marketing has increased tremendously. Actually, it has become a compulsory part of any online promotion program. And more and more companies include it in their promotional programs and plan thoroughly.

Live Webinars for Video Marketing

Some preconditions probably lead to that, for example, the enormous technological advancement in recent years and human nature. It is a well-known fact that people are prone to be lazy. And, in fact, technology development contributes to our laziness. We prefer actions that require less effort. And reading requires more effort to understand information than just viewing a short video clip with the same information. People perceive visual information better than text, which takes more time to read. One image is worth hundreds of words.

Using video marketing significantly impacts search results, as search engine algorithms favor pages that include video content. Thus, your webinars or their parts will ensure higher positions on your websites through search systems. So, webinars may be used diversely for video marketing.

1. Cut your webinars and make short clips for further reuse

If webinars are a frequent activity in your business, then you probably have a large base of previous webinars. Make shorter clips for future reuse. The matter is that long content automatically repels some part of users. Shorter ones are more likely to be watched fully. According to the Animoto survey, 83% view a video that is less than just 5 minutes. Some parts of webinars may be sharp, and interesting, while other parts may include just routine things.

Webinars may contain some improvisation that may be even more memorable and impressive than well-thought-out advertising campaigns with professional design and slogans. You even may use those parts that contain jokes and humor because people are more likely to remember and react to things that make them smile or laugh. So, look through your webinars. Think of the ways to use them for your business goals.

2. Upload and share through social networks

Everyone knows what role social networks play in modern life. According to recent statistics, 2.46 billion people have accounts on social media. And they watch 100 million hours of video daily. So, it will be great to upload recordings of your webinars into social networks, especially Facebook (2061 mln users). This step, as a part of your promotional program, will advance your business, will expand your client base, and, as a result, your profits will increase. Overall being familiar with social media and knowing important data like the number of social media users will improve the reputation of your business which is a decisive factor for the success of any business.

3. Embed parts of webinars into landing pages

Advertising specialists invent more and more ways to increase the efficiency of their actions. And one of the recent tricks in online business is embedding a part of the webinar on the landing page. According to the Unbounce stats, placing a video on the landing page may increase conversion by 80%. So, using a recording of an appropriate webinar on the landing page will definitely increase your web income and the popularity of your web products, building trust and credibility. Users will spend more time on the page, and as a consequence, the probability of purchasing your products will rise.

4. Use in emails

In your business, you probably write different kinds of letters daily. Webinars or their parts may efficiently clarify your messages, as they will create a sense of real communication to some extent. Your messages will seem more trustworthy and credible to recipients. In this way, the productivity of your emails will grow significantly.

5. Use as a part of a product description

Very often, in webinars, speakers demonstrate certain products or describe the advantages of their business. You may cut such parts of your online event and use them as a visual demonstration of your client’s products. According to the same Animoto survey, for 75% of buyers, products with video descriptions are more attractive. So, this way of the usage of webinars will ensure some kind of self-service and, therefore, stimulate sales processes in your business.

6. Live streaming

This activity is comparatively new but is gaining more and more popularity. Many webinar systems even include such feature that allows holding webinars in real-time or linking to social networks. This action will enable you to answer your customers operatively, both prospective and current, create a positive impression, and effectively build mutually advantageous communication with people.

Live streaming allows more freedom in communication with people, i.e., interacting directly, showing your attitude, and solving any issues immediately.

Generally, webinars, being invaluable video material, contain many hidden treasures that may be useful for video marketing in various ways. In their online businesses, people who are able to think out of the box can discover that unlimited potential and apply such a useful tool for the promotion of their own businesses. Use humour, be creative and discover new ways to apply the valuable content of webinars.

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