How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

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There are more than 39 ways to promote conferences and other events. But there is no need to try all this ways at the same time, especially if you make a promotion by yourself or with a team of two or three people. It is much more efficient to select 5-7 instruments and concentrate all your efforts, time and budgets on them.

In MyOwnConference blog we run a series of articles where we will talk in detail about the various instruments for the promotion of activities. We hope that this will help you get even better results.

Today let’s focus on Facebook. There are a lot of potential participants of your events.

So, how to start event promotion on Facebook?

Step 1

Create an event

You can create a Facebook page for any event (online or offline) that will be displayed in the column “Events”. What is it for? The fact is, Facebook provides convenient tools for your webinar’s promotion. If you create a separate page for events, all its participants and organizers will be able to invite their friends. When a user gets an invitation he or she can view a page and specify if he or she “Go” or “Interested”.

You can create private or public event. But for event promotion it is more logical create public event.

private or public event

You can create an event on Facebook in two ways: through a business page (group), or through a personal chronicle. They are created on the same principle, only business page events have more options: you can advertise it, add tags, and invite subscribers of the page.

How to create an event using a group? Go to the group. Click on “Proposal, Event” and select “Event”. Add name, date and location, description and tags. Upload cover of the event.

create public event

Step 2

Add information to the event page

After you create an event its page looks empty and not attractable.

new event

Add basic information about your webinar to this page. For example, a few posts on the presenters of events, their achievements, 2-3 publications on the event’s program and benefits that participants can receive.

In addition, you can add feedbacks from participants of previous events. Also locate any important information on the event: conditions of participation, program changes, etc.

Step 3

Share event on a personal page and in group

There will be no result only because of page creation. You need to promote it, so it can gather more participants. For example, you can place information about the event on a personal page and on a brand page.

This can be done in two ways:

1. Make a post with a link to the event.

2. Go to the event page and click on “Share”. Then select “Invite friends”, “Share in messenger” or “Share as post”.


Step 4

Invite your friends

The organizers of the page and any participant can invite their Facebook friends to the event. For this, press on “Invite friends” and select friends. You can send an invitation to a particular person or use the “Select All”.

It is important to note that Facebook imposes a limit on a number of friends that a user can invite to the event. One person can invite only 500 users to one event.

Step 5

Promotion of the event using advertising

It is possible to get even more participants for your event using advertising. You can set it in advertising account on Facebook. But it would be faster and more convenient to go to the event page and click on “Boost event”.

boost event

After this, you will see an interface for adding ads.

To create an ad, you need to add text and images to the ad. Target one of the audience:

  • People who like your Page;
  • People who like your Page, and their friends;
  • Custom Audiences.

Also you can create new audience. If you choose this option, you can choose an age, gender, location and interests of users that will see the ads.

create new audience

Specify the total budget. Set campaign duration. After that advertising will be sent for moderation.

Step 6

Contact with opinion leaders

There are people on Facebook that have earned respect with a certain audience. They are able to influence on public opinion that is why they are called opinion leaders.

Find opinion leaders in the desired category, and ask them to spread an information about your event.

Step 7

Analyze your results

Any activity on the promotion of events should be measured in order to understand what methods should be used in future, but what should be abandoned. On Facebook, you can view the statistics of current and already carried out events.

On Facebook you can find such statistics of the events:

  • number of people who saw the news of the event;
  • number of page views;
  • how many people have answered “interested” or “Go” on your invitation.

event statistics

Let’s sum up. You can promote an event on Facebook in several ways: spread the information among your friends, run targeted advertising, make agreements for publishing with opinion leaders. But the most effective way is to combine all these techniques – so you get more coverage and more participants of the event.

Have successful webinars!





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