How to Promote Your Webinar?

Promote a webinar at zero cost

Sometimes it might happen promotion of a free webinar has got a minimum budget, or nothing is planned to be spent at all. Indeed, putting money into a free event does not always seem reasonable. Is it possible to attract a quality audience to promote a webinar without spending money?

15 Low-Cost Ways to Promote Online Webinars

Yes, it is. Yet, it is essential to remember that no completely free promotion methods are available. Even if you do not pay for promotion, you put other resources into this, which are no less precious — your time and efforts. This post will dwell on methods of webinar promotion at zero cost.

Social networks

When costs for webinar promotion are minimal, social networks become one of the main bases for promoting your event (on the condition you’ve got activity and audience over there already). Remember not to turn your newsfeed into mere announcements of the webinar. Communicate with your audience, give it useful information, entertain it (yes, this is what users are looking for in social networks).

Do not adhere to the standard networks like Facebook, Twitter only. Sometimes your post on Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn could bring much better feedback.

Email campaign

If you have a database of subscribers, do recommend your webinar in one of your emails sent out to them. Do not be intrusive; add some useful and interesting information in addition to your webinar announcement.

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Video invitation

People on camera are always sure to attract more attention compared to an impersonal announcement. Use video to invite your audience to the webinar. Create a short video up to 2 minutes. Be sure to add a link to your webinar and an overlay with the call for action.

Invitation to the webinar

Creation of landing page

Even if you offer a free webinar, do not ignore the creation of a webpage with a webinar announcement and a registration form. There are even special services that could make that task far easier.

Landing page should contain the main information about your webinar like header, webinar date and time, an intriguing introduction (with topical issues or advantages visitors will get by having visited the webinar), presenters bio, and reviews. Add some pictures, photos or other images to the webpage, as they are sure to draw additional attention.

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Notwithstanding simplicity of this method, not all webinar organizers tell about their upcoming events at their websites. Do not make this mistake. Add this information to the main page and into the blog. In case online conferences are quite often for you, consider hosting a special section of your website devoted to these events.


Prepare the list of websites your target audience might visit regularly. Get in contact with the owners of the platforms and offer them an article dwelling on the topic of your event. At the end of the article, be sure to place a link to your webinar. If a reader likes an article, chances are it will be willing to visit your webinar.

«Share» button

Add social media buttons to the registration page. This will help users tell their friends about the webinar. Additionally, advise them to recommend the event at the thank-you page and in the registration confirmation email. Make it so that sharing the announcement of the webinar could be a piece of cake. You could even offer some ready text for that.

Share buttons to promote a webinar

Some organizers even register visitors for their webinars only after they recommend the event in social networks.


A lot of free webinars in different fields are held now. Unfortunately, not all of them are equally helpful and interesting for their visitors. A review is one of the methods to show your audience that webinars you organize are perfect and they do not spend their time in vain when visiting it.

Use reviews

Commenting on third-party platforms

Recommend your event in comments to articles that are devoted to topics close to one of your webinars. This method cannot be considered the fastest and most effective, yet do not discard one more opportunity to get several additional registrations.

Forums and community

Select a few forums that are close to your topic. Register there, answer questions, create interesting topics for discussion, help others in solving problems — and soon you will be able to invite users to your event.

Use big community


Search for people working with the same audience you do, but being not your direct competitors. Agree with them to place links of one another in social networks, email campaigns and blogs.

Cooperation with opinion leaders

Get in touch with experts on your topic and offer them to announce the webinar to their subscribers. Explain to them how useful and topical your event is and the benefits they get from it (like some share of income from goods sold at the webinar).


Discounts at free webinars can be a good push not only to participation in the event but to the first purchase as well. Offer your webinar audience some promo code allowing users to get discounts for your goods or services. Yet, do not forget to limit its duration.


Offer a present to everyone coming to the webinar, e.g., a “white book” created by you, a checklist of anything else. People do like gifts; that is why they are more likely to register for your event. But keep in mind a present should rather be some product or service you offer, but not an iPhone X.


Announce draws of your free consultation, service or product to be held at the webinar. Yet, similarly to the previous suggestion, just abandon the idea of turning another Apple device into the contest award, unless you sell or repair them.

These are 15 low-cost ways to promote webinars. We also recommend reading the article “35 Tools for Webinar Promotion“.

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