MyOwnConference Spring Updates

spring update

Beginning of the spring has become very productive for MyOwnConference. Within only a few weeks, the platform has offered several cool updates.

Video broadcasting from Vimeo

This update allows you to demonstrate videos from another popular video hosting, Vimeo. No more downloading of videos to a local computer with further uploading to the webinar room. From now on, simply add the link to a video from Vimeo, which considerably saves time and the Internet traffic.

To broadcast a Vimeo video, in your webinar room go to the Documents section and select the Video & Audio tab. Press the YouTube, Vimeo button.

Vimeo updates

Next, put the video link into the URL input field:


Possibility to add virtual attendees

Virtual attendees are the fictitious visitors of your events, or simply bots. Why would you need them at all? By adding bots you create the effect of a large number of guests present at the webinar and the effect of the event’s popularity.

Additionally, the real attendees having logged into your event will feel at ease. It’s all the same in real life — getting into an empty lecture hall is always worrying, as you are never sure you have arrived in time and whether this is the correct lecture hall at all.

The more attendees are present at your webinar, the more attractive it is for the audience. Namely because of this, many organizers use bots, thus creating a situation pleasant for the actual attendees and create the basis for further growth.

How to add virtual attendees?

In your webinar room, add the plus icon in the left pane:

virtual attendees

Choose the Add Virtual Attendees option:

Virtual updates

In the popup window, indicate the required number of attendees to add and define the important criteria.


Next, press the Generate Attendees button, and Refresh the List of Attendees after that.

Chat history pulling

Earlier, when an attendee logged into the webinar, one could not see any chat messages sent before. Sometimes this was not really convenient. From now on, an attendee sees ten latest chat messages, or all messages in case there are less than ten of them in general. This update allows the attendee to join the communication immediately.

We hole that the new updates we introduced will be useful for you and are looking forward to getting your feedback on them. Let your webinars be a success!

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