12 Popular Topics for Webinars

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Selecting the topic of a future webinar could be a nightmare for a starting presenter since it needs to be both interesting for them and marketable for the target audience. We have prepared 12 trendy topics that are most frequently discussed and searched for on the web.

Best Of The Best Webinar Topics Ever

Personal finance management

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The topic of money is exciting regardless of gender, social status, or place of living. Everyone would love to earn more and be more responsible when spending their income. This topic is great due to its complexity — it can range from saving family budget up to Forex trading.

You can teach how to invest, what to look for in mortgage agreements, and maximize retirement savings. All those topics are extremely important for everyone, so you will be able to target all kinds of people.


Info business and online shops are the most widely encountered topics at business webinars, though problems of offline business can be successfully discussed at webinars as well.

Teach how to start, develop, and grow a business from scratch. You don’t need to own a business yourself. Think about what knowledge and skills you possess and how they can be applied to help business owners.

Similarly, if you are an accountant, you can conduct a webinar on how to manage business finances & taxes, how accountants can use online accounting and benefit from the emerging technologies in the taxation system and so on.


This one is a logical continuation of the previous topic. Sales are the grounds and the essence of any business. Entrepreneurs are ready to pay for effective and efficient methods for sales volume increase.

Sales topics can range from negotiation skills for sales managers to the implementation of sales tech in data-driven solutions. You can focus on specific software such as Pipedrive or take a broader approach and talk about trends and innovations in the sales industry.

Social Media Marketing

Today, business is actively migrating online. That is why owners and marketers have numerous questions on ways of promotion, how online advertisement works, and how to increase their website effectiveness.

Social media is an especially relevant topic in online advertising. Understanding social media is crucial to both big companies and aspiring entrepreneurs. If you are a guru of social media promotion strategies, you might want to capitalize on that.

Experts like Neil Patel have already done that — why don’t you? The area is only expanding, and new social media platforms appear every year.

It is worth noting that, in the context of history, social media are still a pretty recent phenomenon. Many people, especially those who grew up without social networks, still have a pretty vague idea of using them.

You can help those people understand how to leverage social media to grow their business and expand clientele. More and more people seek to become freelance entrepreneurs, and they do require help establishing a solid online reputation.

Webinars are also quite beneficial to companies that work in social media. Sprout Social has social media webinars available on-demand in their library, since they understand that an educated customer is a happy customer. It is much easier to work with a customer who is aware of the market trends and knows what they want.

Interpersonal relations

Interest towards interpersonal relations has been high for as long as society exists. Now these topics are not less urgent. Getting married successfully, building a harmonic family, and solving conflicts constructively are the topics gathering hundreds of participants every day.

Personal growth

Lots of people have realized long ago that the best investments they can make are those into themselves. That is why they are eager to study and progress. Time management, productivity, memory improvement, motivation, goal setting, positive thinking — this list is far from being full, and you can make many webinars on these topics alone.

Design and technologies

Webinars can cover specialized topics (e.g. website development or 3D technologies), or more general titles such as making an effective presentation, working with Adobe Photoshop, tips on choosing a computer model, etc.

Almost every job nowadays requires the use of certain technologies. If you are good at one of the popular tech tools, you can organize a webinar and make money off your talent.

Public Speaking

Webinars on public speaking will never go out of fashion since this skill is important for everyone throughout their life: from school to university until the end of their career.

Students need public speaking to get good grades, employees — to advance their careers, and managers — to motivate and inform their subordinates.

Many subtopics within the realm of public speaking are sure to attract a diverse audience. For example, you can teach logical fallacies, avoid them, and spot them in your interlocutors.

You can teach how to construct arguments and rebut counterarguments.

Finally, you can share psychological tricks for keeping calm during a heated discussion or riling up your opponent.

Although many people are already doing public speaking webinars, this sphere is so extensive and versatile that, with a little research, you will be able to uncover a new niche.

If you have a job outside making webinars, you can teach public speaking tricks relevant to that particular occupation. Public speaking for teachers, lawyers, health practitioners, and so on. You can even organize a webinar on public speaking for webinar presenters.

Foreign languages

We live in the time of globalization, where knowing one or even two foreign languages is a must. Yet, people do not always have time or possibility to attend special courses or take classes from private tutors.

This is where webinars become irreplaceable. If you have a good command of any foreign language and solid teaching skills, feel free to do webinars on foreign languages.


Healthy eating, diets, vegetarianism, yoga, meditations — as healthy lifestyle gets into fashion, these popular webinar topics are becoming more and more requested.

Basically, you can turn your hobby into a source of income. Think of something you like doing in your free time (e.g. reading, knitting, jogging) and make a webinar about it. People want fulfilling downtime just as much as successful careers, and you can deliver just that.

University and Career Choice

Webinars revolving around university and career choice are particularly interesting for college applicants and senior students.

Admission committees care increasingly about attracting the right people, since they are more likely to commit to their studies, graduate, and boost the university reputation.

However, students come from all over the world, and not everyone have time and money to come on a tour.

This is where webinars come into play. They allow students to learn more about university programs, admission processes, and the environment, making the ultimate choice much easier.

Last-year students can benefit from career-focused webinars, which can help them envision the right professional path, be it freelance, entrepreneurship, or a position in their dream company.

Let’s take a career in accounting as an example. In this case, a good subject for a webinar would be ‘How to succeed as an accountant, and how to achieve career goals and describe all advanced accounting certifications like CPA, CMA, CFA and others. Then specify each one and talk through all of the aspects from how to become a CPA, what the best preparation courses are and how to find a new job and set up a good work-life balance.

As a result, university and career-oriented webinars are booming right now. If you work in the educational/HR sphere, don’t hesitate to organize your own webinar.


With renewable energy becoming more and more utilized in ordinary households, people need to learn more about it.

As an environmental expert, you can help others learn about the use of various green sources of energy, how to install the necessary technology, and how to benefit the most from the existing governmental incentives.

Companies can organize environmental webinars to train project teams, market their solutions to investors, or simply raise awareness among the general population.

Environmental tech can be pretty complex for a newbie and can raise a lot of questions. A webinar is a perfect way to address all those questions and convince the stakeholders as well as the common folk of the efficiency and practicality of the proposed solutions.

Whatever topic you choose, the main thing is thorough preparation. A webinar based on solid research and hours of rehearsal is very likely to become successful.

What are some popular webinar topics related to sales and marketing?

Some popular webinar topics related to sales and marketing include lead generation, customer relationship management, branding and identity, and sales techniques.

What are some popular webinar topics related to education?

Some popular webinar topics related to education include online teaching and learning, student engagement strategies, curriculum design, and student assessment.

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