What Is Webinar Software?

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Webinar software is necessary to hold a successful webinar. It doesn’t have to be expensive or high-end — it just needs to accomplish the goals you set.

Webinar Software Platform

Simply put, webinar software encompasses tech solutions that allow a host to communicate with their audience on the web, often in real time. These may include content management tools, engagement and interactivity systems, analytics programs, etc.

In order to use your preferred webinar software, you just need to register with a webinar platform of your choice. Most companies only require your name and email address.

Many webinar platforms have trial periods when you can test their software for free. For example, please check out our lifelong use free plan.

Benefits of Webinar Software

Here are some reasons why you should always choose special software when conducting your webinars:

More flexibility

Webinar software companies usually offer various plans and upgrade options. You can always add more seats or increase the number of presenters. This is not the case with platforms that are not specifically tailored to hosting webinars.

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Better quality

With webinar software, you can be fairly certain to receive quality broadcasts and high-definition footage at the end.

This is especially important for high-stakes meetings and paid events, where it is crucial for everything to look professional.

You would agree that there is nothing worse than a constant lag when you are trying to strike a deal of a lifetime.

Technical support

Webinar software companies offer tech support to their clients since even the simplest interface can be pretty tricky for a newbie. You can be sure to receive timely help in case something goes awry during your event.

How to Choose Webinar Software That Works

There are many criteria when it comes to choosing webinar software. Let’s take a look at them.

Ease of use

Do you need to download a special app or plugin, or can you access the webinar from your browser? While downloading extra programs may not be an issue for you, it can definitely be an issue for some of your attendees.

Number of attendees

Are you looking to conduct a lecture-like educational webinar or a smaller-scale employee training? You will obviously need more seats for the former.

Webinar platforms like MyOwnConference allow you to have up to 5,000 view-only attendees, while ClickMeeting only offers up to 500 participants. Take that into account when deciding upon software.

Number of presenters

Are you planning on hosting a webinar alone, or do you want to invite other speakers as well? Look for software that allows you to have as many presenters as you need. For example, with Livestorm and WebinarJam, you can have up to 6 presenters simultaneously, while MyOwnConference offers 10 speakers.

On-demand/evergreen capability

Would you like to make money off your recorded webinars? Then it would be best if you looked for webinar software that enables you to run webinars on demand.
This way, you can create a permanent sales funnel and make a profit without being present every single time.

In this regard, it’s important to find out how much storage capacity your software allows. If you plan to do webinars often, you’d probably want to have your replays stored forever, with little to no size limitations.

Analytics tools

Are you into marketing and statistics? In this case, you should look for software with either embedded analytics tools or the tracking possibility via Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, etc.

With MyOwnConference, for example, you can enter a Google Analytics ID in Settings.


Does your software offer integrations with CRM platforms like HubSpot or social media channels like Facebook? The former will allow you to collect info about your clients more effectively, while the latter lets you reach out to more prospects.

Can you use APIs to integrate your webinar into your website? With MyOwnConference, you can!

Email marketing

Will you be able to customize your emails for different audience segments? For example, does your webinar software allow you to send different thank-you letters to those who attended and didn’t attend your webinar?

With webinar software, you can store information about your participants in one place. You can then easily access and use that info for your marketing purposes.

Mobile responsiveness

Some of your participants may not have a desktop, and some may simply find it easier to log into your webinar via their phones. Do not deprive them of this opportunity. Check if your webinar software is linked to a particular app or if it is compatible with mobile in general.


The webinar software platform allows you to conduct high-quality professional webinars that position you as an expert and help generate sales.

In order to acquire software, you need to sign in with a special webinar platform. It usually takes no longer than a couple of minutes since only your name and email are required.

It would be best if you chose webinar software according to your goals. The important aspects to consider are the price limit, the type of your event, and, of course, the ease of use.

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