Non-standard Methods of Conducting Webinars

conducting webinar

There are certain rules for conducting webinars, which guide the organizers and presenters when organizing and holding the event itself. Following the positions of the rules allows you to do your online training as efficient and interesting as possible. Just before the start of the online conference, you must perform the following steps.

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The Main Characteristics of Modern eLearning


Today, the computer is here to stay in all teaching forms, from primary and higher education to continuing education. Because to remain in the labor market, people need to keep themselves more active “in working form.” It is not always possible to do this without the Internet and a computer. It is impossible to imagine a higher education institution or an educational enterprise that does not have a computer class or does not use the Internet to publish its educational materials. Learning online has recently been known collectively as eLearning. The Internet allows students to expand their capabilities significantly.

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