Technical Capabilities of a Webinar Room

Technical features of the webinar rooms

In today’s digital world, webinars have become a vital tool for communication, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. As businesses and educational institutions increasingly depend on webinars, the technical capabilities of webinar rooms play a crucial role in ensuring a high-quality experience for both presenters and participants.

Webinar Rooms Convenience and Efficiency

Webinar rooms have become increasingly convenient and effective for a variety of reasons, which we will discuss below.

Webinar Rooms Capacity

Webinar rooms are available in various sizes to meet any need. Sizes range from small conference rooms, perfect for in-depth discussions, to spacious webinar halls for large presentations or lectures.

Overview of Capacity Options

Each room type features unique characteristics and resources to accommodate different group sizes and event types. Below, you will find a detailed guide to the available capacity options for our webinar rooms.

  • Free Webinar Rooms: Perfect for up to 20 participants and two speakers. Features include MP4 recording in 720p and 1GB of cloud storage. The free webinar rooms is ideal for seminars, small group discussions, and in-depth training sessions.
  • Business Webinar Rooms: Accommodates 20 to 150 participants and up to 10 speakers. Offers MP4 recording in 1080p and 30GB of cloud storage. Suitable for large conferences and corporate gatherings.
  • Exclusive Enterprise Webinar Rooms: Designed for large-scale events, it can host up to 10,000 participants and 20 speakers. Provides MP4 recording in 2160p and 1TB of cloud storage. Ideal for extensive webinars, global meetings, and high-profile presentations.

Data Storage Capabilities

Data storage in webinar rooms plays a vital role in ensuring access to recordings, presentations, documents, and interactive materials.

Types of Data Storage

On our platform, we have taken into account modern requirements and developed a variety of data storage options to meet them:

  • Cloud Storage  – Presentations, documents, and other educational materials can be stored in the cloud, ensuring easy access from any location.
  • Downloadable Recordings – Speakers can download recordings to their devices for local access, and speakers can send links to these recordings to anyone they choose.

Integrated Chat in Webinar Rooms

Chat is an integral part of the webinar rooms, providing two-way communication between speakers and participants. It allows participants to immediately respond to information presented by the host, ask questions, and share thoughts.

For speakers, it is a tool for receiving feedback and adapting the webinar’s content to the audience’s needs. Also, you can manage this chat.

Your capabilities include:
Adjusting text size.

Adjusting text size

Activating links in the chat.
By default, links are disabled to prevent participants from being distracted by external websites and advertisements.

Activating links in the webinar rooms chat

Enabling chat moderation.
This feature gives speakers control over each message, which initially requires their approval before being published to the chat, avoiding distracting and inappropriate comments.

Enabling webinar rooms chat moderation

Completely blocking the text chat.

Complete blocking of text chat in the webinar rooms

Clearing the chat history.

Clearing webinar rooms chat history

Speakers have access to advanced chat management functions.
Above each participant’s message, there is a row of buttons that allow copying, deleting, pinning messages and accessing an additional menu.

Advanced chat management features

At the same time, viewers have the ability to copy the text of messages and adjust the text size in the messages/chat for viewing convenience.

adjusting text size in messages

However, there is the option to create a private chat between participants or between a participant and the speaker for personal communication. This provides a confidential discussion of issues unrelated to the webinar’s general topic and helps avoid distracting other participants.

private chat of the webinar rooms

Interactive Whiteboard in Webinar Rooms

The interactive whiteboard allows the presenter to convey information and engage the audience in active participation visually. This tool is particularly useful in situations where it’s necessary to explain complex concepts or work with large volumes of data.

Role of Interactive Whiteboards in Engaging Participants

Thanks to the integration of various functions, they transform ordinary presentations into interactive events:

  • Presentation display: The interactive whiteboard facilitates the demonstration of presentations, making information more accessible and understandable to participants. This promotes better assimilation of the material and maintains a high level of engagement.
  • Video Playback: Playing videos on the workspace enriches the learning process, making it more dynamic and visually appealing.
  • Interactivity with materials: On the whiteboard in the webinar rooms, participants can observe materials and presentations but cannot directly influence or make changes to them. Despite this, they can deeply engage in discussions in the chat, respond to questions, and react to the presented information.
  • Drawing on the board: The interactive whiteboard provides the ability to draw directly during a presentation or discussion, allowing speakers to visually illustrate key points, highlight complex ideas, and involve participants in the creative process.

Additional Features of the Interactive Whiteboard

The workspace on our platform allows for enriching the learning process and webinars by integrating various materials.


“Presentation” Feature

The ‘Presentation’ feature in the webinar rooms provides the speaker with a wide range of possibilities for effective document management, simplifying the handling of webinar materials and easing the process of interacting with the audience.

The speaker can add or delete a file, start or edit a presentation, rename a file, send it in the chat, duplicate the presentation, or merge slides. Additionally, files in PDF, PPT, PPTX, PPTSX, PPSX, ODP, PNG, and JPG formats are supported.

Presentations can contain up to 250 slides, and the maximum allowable file upload size is 250 MB, offering flexibility and extensive possibilities for presenting information.


“Media” Feature

Our platform ‘Media’ feature allows speakers to upload audio and video files in MP3 and MP4 formats with a maximum file size of 1 GB, as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo. Playback of these files becomes available after they are uploaded and converted.

Speakers can pause video playback, restart it for viewing, or send it to participants, ensuring flexible and effective management of multimedia content during webinars.


“Screen” Feature

The ‘Screen’ feature enables webinar speakers to display their screens to participants. To use this feature, a special plugin must first be downloaded and installed. Once installed, the speakers can easily enable screen sharing, which is helpful for visually presenting materials and demonstrating software or websites during the webinar.


“Recording” Feature

The ‘Recording’ feature allows for easy recording of webinars on our platform. To start recording, press the ‘Record’ button. To stop the recording, you can press the button with the timer and confirm your action in the dialogue box.

After the recording is completed, it is automatically converted to MP4 format, requiring no intervention on your part. The conversion time depends on the quality settings, the duration of the recording, and the server load that processes the recording.


The maximum duration of a single webinar recording is 10 hours, after which it automatically stops. For more extended events, you can stop one recording and start another, so the webinar is saved in multiple files that can later be merged into one.

It’s important to note that the recording is stored in the account for a limited time and then deleted, so saving necessary recordings on your computer is recommended. Recorded events can be viewed online and downloaded in the ‘Recording’ section of the webinar rooms.


“Poll” Feature

The ‘Poll’ feature on the webinar platform allows for conducting surveys among event participants. After creating and activating a poll, participants see a polling window, which closes only after selecting one of the answer options.

Polls can be conducted simultaneously with other processes in the room. The statistics show how many participants voted for each answer option, presented in a percentage ratio, and also provide individual responses from each poll participant. Poll results are stored in the system until they are reset using the ‘Reset and Restart’ button in the results view window or until the poll itself is deleted.


“Survey” Feature

The ‘Survey’ feature in the webinar rooms helps determine how well participants have assimilated the material. To create a new test, go to the ‘Tests’ tab, click the ‘+’ icon, and specify the name of the test.

You can set time limits, grade questions, choose to display them in random order, set up an entry window for participants, and add various types of questions: with one or multiple correct answers, open-ended responses, or sentence completion tasks.


“CTA” Feature

The ‘CTA’ (Call to Action) feature is an important marketing tool that encourages the user to take a specific action. There are two formats at your disposal: a text announcement or a banner. If you wish to use a text announcement, specify the title, text of the button, and a link to the landing page. If you prefer a banner, upload it in JPG or PNG format and set a link to the landing page or your website.


Other Features in Webinar Rooms

Our platform offers not only standard tools for webinars but also a range of unique functions that enhance interaction and user convenience.

The ‘Room settings’ feature gives webinar speakers complete control over the event’s proceedings. Speakers can add bots to webinar rooms, which can be used to fill seats when necessary, ensuring higher activity and presence at events.

To expand the webinar rooms and engage more participants, a speaker can increase the number of seats for an additional fee of 18 euros per 100 seats, valid for 5 hours from the time of payment.

Additionally, speakers can manage the list of participants, turning their visibility on or off. The availability of a broadcast pause option gives presenters extra flexibility, allowing them to take breaks or resolve technical issues without losing the audience’s attention.

webinar rooms settings

The ‘Devices settings’ feature in webinar rooms provides the webinar speaker with flexible control over video and audio. It allows setting an avatar instead of a video to ensure privacy, mirror the video for optimal visual presentation, and blur the background, focusing attention on the speaker. The WebRTC function provides high-quality video and audio without additional software installation.

Devices settings

The ‘Help center’ feature in webinar rooms includes essential tools to ensure smooth event management. One such feature is the ‘System Test’, which is automatically offered to the speaker immediately after entering the room.

System Test

Moreover, the speaker can initiate the system test at any time to check the quality of the internet connection and the functionality of the equipment by clicking on the appropriate tab in the ‘Help center’ section. Another key feature is ‘Technical Support’, which provides assistance and answers speakers’ questions about using the platform, addressing potential technical issues.

Help center

The ‘Language Switching’ feature in the webinar rooms is available for both speakers and participants. The interface is automatically set according to the language of the attendee’s browser. Still, everyone can change the language through the appropriate menu, choosing from 18 world languages. This feature makes our platform ideal for international events, allowing each participant to use the interface language that is most convenient for them.

Language Switching


The technical features of webinar rooms, such as capacity, data storage, chat functions, interactive whiteboards, and other essential features, are critical for the success of online seminars and trainings. It’s important to find a balance between cutting-edge technology and its practical usability, which is what our MyOwnConference webinar platform provides, allowing you to focus on the content rather than the technical details. You can experience all of this yourself by choosing one of the available subscription plans.


What is a webinar rooms?

A webinar rooms is a virtual space designed for conducting online seminars, lectures, training sessions, and other forms of remote communication and learning. They are equipped with various technical tools, such as chat, interactive boards, and data storage instruments, allowing for effective interaction with participants and ensuring a quality learning process.

How to choose a platform for a webinar rooms?

When choosing a platform for a webinar rooms, it’s important to consider aspects such as the room’s capacity, data storage and sharing capabilities, the availability of interactive tools, and ease of use of the interface. It’s crucial that the platform meets the specific needs of your webinar or educational program.

What are the advantages of using whiteboard in webinar rooms?

Interactive whiteboards enhance participant engagement by allowing the visualization of information and presenting complex concepts in an understandable form. They also stimulate active participation, as participants can interact with the content directly during the webinar.

What features does the MyOwnConference platform offer?

Our platform offers a wide range of functions for conducting effective webinars and online conferences. Key features include: high-quality video and audio, interactive whiteboards, tools for polling and surveying, a chat for participants, the ability to record webinars, integration with various CRM systems and email services, as well as participant management features, which include chat moderation and personalized access settings.

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