8 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Creating an Online Course


If you’ve got a knowledge or passion for something inside of you that you just need to share with everyone else, you may be seeking to create an online course to get that information out there. But, before you start teaching others, you need to educate yourself on the biggest and most common mistakes you’ll need to avoid when creating your online course that could cost you time, money, energy and, most importantly, the success of your course.

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Online Learning: Kinds and Methods


Are you a teacher, an HR professional, developing your own brand or company, or maybe simply interested in what and how you could learn with the help of the Internet? In this article we will try to explain what online learning is, what forms of it exist and how to find the one that suits you most. Webinars, e-learning, m-learning, distance learning, webcast — these will be addressed in a minute.

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Online Training or Skills Enhancement


Holding online training has become not only a trendy fashion but also an important tool for teaching clients and personnel, as well as for developing one’s brand. What is online training? How is it different from other methods of online education? What are the rules of successful online training? Our today’s article will answer these questions and some more.

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What Kind of Diversity Training Really Works

Diversity Training

The essence of workplace diversity is not in merely having a team of employees who are different in regards to age, gender, religion, culture, and sexual orientation, but actually in building awareness and teaching acceptance within that team. Companies that really work on creating effective workplace diversity have significantly higher employee retention, much easier and more effective employee recruiting, greater opportunities for global business growth, and a positive work environment that increases employee morale and inspires everyone to equally contribute to the success of the company.

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