Holding Webinars as Benefits for Universities

Holding webinars as benefits for universities

It makes sense to use webinar platforms in a world that has become more connected by technology over recent years. Doing so means that students can attend a lecture without having to be in the same location. Thanks to the webinar tools, they can also interact with the lecturer and each other.

Holding Webinars for the Students

Right now, many universities across the world have moved learning online. Therefore, it’s interesting to look at the specific benefits they can get from holding webinars instead of in-person lectures. These benefits mean that many universities may think about continuing with webinar content even after the lockdown.

Unlimited numbers of students

When a lecturer is addressing students in person, it’s difficult to engage with an exceptionally large audience. This changes during a webinar. The lecturer speaks into the camera and can reach as many students as possible in various locations. This helps to open up lectures and presentations to many more students. This is important if universities want to optimize student numbers as well as providing a high-quality student experience.

There is no restriction due to accommodation issues

Accommodation can also be an issue when lectures are being conducted in person. Some universities have limited lecture hall space, which limits the number of attendees. Using webinar software removes the need for limits to be imposed based on space.

Of course, there may still be practical reasons to keep students to a certain level. For instance, the lecturer may want to give more personal attention to those attending. However, this is due to personal choice and not physical restrictions.

Students can attend from various geographical locations

The value of distance learning was already recognized before 2020. However, this year it has become more high profile than ever. Using webinars to host classes and lectures means that universities can reach students across the world. This means that they can provide better distance learning opportunities for students.

Providing access to this type of digital experience is also financially advantageous for universities. This is because it allows them to reach a wider prospective student base. This in turn raises the income that a university can achieve.

Teachers can record lectures and make them available to view online

You can get several advantages from recording lectures. With this in mind, webinar platform like MyOwnConference allows universities to record their webinars. This means that they can make the most of the potential benefits.

These benefits include securing a wider audience for classes and lectures as students can watch the recording if they are unable to attend the live event. The university can also benefit by using certain lectures as an advertising tool, to attract more students. A further benefit is that students have access to the content whenever they choose to watch it, even in the middle of the night.

Opening certain webinars to pay per view can create valuable income

In some cases, universities may choose to monetize the webinars they produce. They can do this by making some content available to non-students on a pay-per-view basis. Some content is likely to be particularly attractive to an external audience, such as business practices or financial advice.

In some cases, universities may even choose to host webinars outside of the syllabus but are useful to students and a wider audience. For instance, this could include career advice or information about living away from home for the first time. This type of content is a valuable student resource as well as potentially bringing in money externally.

In summary

Right now, millions of students across the world are learning remotely, thanks to the restrictions of the pandemic. This has led to universities seeking alternative means to connect with them. Hosting a webinar is an excellent way for a university to reach students who cannot attend classes or lectures in person. There is no restriction on class size and the experience can still be interactive due to features such as screen sharing and chat.

In fact, the benefits that webinars provide means that they are likely to be embraced by many universities even after the pandemic is over. This is especially likely given that many students are enjoying the flexibility that online learning provides. Given this fact, students of the future are likely to seek out universities that provide the flexibility to use solutions such as webinars.

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