5 Persuasion Tricks to Boost Online Course Sales with Webinars

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If you have created an online course and would like to boost its sales, it is beneficial to create a webinar. A webinar presents a unique opportunity for you to persuade customers to buy your online course.

When hosting a webinar, you will have the platform to explain the course in a promotional way. It will help you to get the greatest response possible from potential customers.

Persuasion Tricks to Boost Online Course

Although that sounds simple, it is not, and it requires some practice to get it right. To help you get started, here are five persuasion tricks you can use to boost online course sales with webinars:

Build up anticipation

If you are marketing an online course and would like to boost your sales, the key to success is building up anticipation about its contents. When you spill all the beans in the promotional webinar, customers will not see the point of signing up. They will know everything about the course and thus lose the anticipation.

Alternatively, they will just use the topics you disclosed to conduct their own research, and after that, the course will be unnecessary.

Instead of spilling all the beans, tease customers with a little content and compel them to sign up to get more information about the course. You can also build up anticipation by launching a full-scale social media outreach campaign. During the webinar, you can provide social proof of how the course is performing on social media.

That might build up more anticipation about the course because customers will want to find out what the course entails. That strong emotion might lead to more customers converting to the online course. This will lead to sales figures going up for the business.

You can brainstorm other ways to build up the anticipation of your online course. You can do so by using webinars like using enticing visuals and a peek at how the course is conducted.

Develop urgency and scarcity

When there is a sense of urgency, customers react differently. Most of the time, their reaction is in favor of the business. You should also create a sense of urgency around your online course in a webinar.

A research writer at a popular assignment service says that when there is a sense of urgency, customers will not have time to scrutinize. They will not be able to spend time to find faults that most of the times, don’t even exist. Thus, you can get more sales from customers that usually spend cautiously. You will be able to and analyze every purchase they make by rushing them into making a decision.

Also, creating urgency and scarcity can make the online course seem like it has a high demand. That high demand can translate to high-quality education and subsequently generate more sales.

For example, Coursera has a limited offer of free certificates on 115 online courses, which can create a sense of urgency. Udemy also runs special offers now and then to create scarcity and urgency to customers. You can use the same technique when persuading customers on a webinar by making the offer exclusive or time-sensitive.

The Fear of Missing Out created by developing urgency and scarcity can exponentially improve your sales. You should use it to market the online course with webinars successfully.

Create a decoy effect

When marketing your online course in a webinar, creating a decoy effect can be very effective in persuading customers to make a purchase. You can create a decoy effect by developing another similar online course that customers will compare with the main one.

A decoy effect can help you attract more customers because it makes them feel like they have many options. Online course developers can create a decoy with fewer benefits for it to have a lower price.

You can even include a middle option that will make customers think about your offers in greater detail. Customers have been proven not to care much about the price but instead consider the value offered to them.

Due to this, you have to ensure that customers should see the value offered to them when comparing the decoy and the main course when making a purchase. For example, when marketing an online course, you can offer an eBook on the side, with the latter being cheaper.

Katie Summers, a finance and marketing assignment help provider, says that to add a middle option, you can create an offer of the eBook and the online course at a good price. The results will be that customers will pay more for the option giving them the best value.

In this example, that would be buying both the eBook and online course at one price. So, it is essential to present more options to customers when marketing your online course at a webinar.

Structure your speech

You should plan your speech to successfully persuade customers to take the online course. There are various aspects you should focus on. That includes having adequate enthusiasm when delivering the speech.

When you have the necessary enthusiasm, it will let potential customers know how much of a good teacher you are. Also, if you engage customers during the speech by touching their emotions, it will be much easier to sell.

You need to conduct research before writing the speech outline and understand what worries them. Another trick you can use is storytelling to entice users in making a purchase.

Scientists have proven storytelling to be very successful in marketing products or services. When hearing stories, you get engaged and want to hear more about the story until it ends.

Customers will also learn to trust you more because of the oxytocin release caused by storytelling. Structure the story to fulfill the purpose of closing a sale instead of creating it purely for entertainment purposes.

REBO, a smart water bottle development company’s YouTube video showing a speech by the CEO, manifests the qualities of a great speech. The speech needs to be moving and motivate customers to make a decision right away.

Reuse the webinar

A webinar can be interactive and bring more emotion when it is live. But, you can also get more results when it is recorded and distributed on various channels. You can get more views and impressions when the webinar is recorded and posted on various channels.

If a potential customer missed the live webinar, they could catch up on the context of the webinar later. Also, customers that were tied in on the live webinar can watch it again to get some clarity on issues they did not get clearly.

When reusing the webinar, you should edit it and remove all sections about discounts that will not apply long-term.

You should also try to make the context of the video as evergreen as possible. Brand advocates can use the recorded version to persuade customers to take the online course. Thus, the webinar can continue generating sales even long after it went live.

The bottom line

These 5 persuasion tricks to boost online course sales with webinars have been proven to be very effective. You can start creating a decoy course or offer to make customers feel like they are getting more value for their money. Or, you can create urgency and scarcity around your course. You can do so by being open about how many people have signed up and the number of spaces left.

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