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web conference software

Currently, there is a great variety of software for web conferencing. All they offer a set of important features to make web conferencing effective and engaging. Due to a severe competition on the web conferencing software market, they make enormous improvements day by day. As a result, we now have great chances to organize our conferences online without any difficulties and obstacles enjoying all possible and previously impossible conveniences.

In this article, we continue the overview of such programs.

1. MyOwnConference

If you want to choose the best service for any cases then the best one is MyOwnConference. It offers different membership plans with different costs for any category of users. You can enjoy 30 days of free trial before purchasing one of the plans. Moreover, you can choose one of the opened webinars and join to it in order to try all its tools and benefits, see the features of this service with your own eyes.

Most importantly, with MyOwnConference you can be sure of excellent quality and reliability of the connection, the stability of both video and audio broadcasting. The reason is that this system uses secure and reliable data centres so that any failures of the system are almost impossible.

Finally, any information that is transferred through the system is completely secured due to the excellent data encryption. Thus, you can hold conferences online with a high level of privacy not worrying that the documents may fall into wrong hands.

2. TurboMeeting

This software offers plans starting from $395 and also provides other solutions like remote support for PC and Mac users, remote access, as well as audio conferencing. But this service widens the list products, for example, they are planning to add Live Streaming and Instant Messaging.

The number of participants that are allowed through this system may include up to 3000 people. But the number of webcams that can be supported in one meeting is only 30.

TurboMeeting can be accessed from computers, from cell phones and smartphones or landline telephone. Mobile apps are available for free. The software allows managing participants: lock meeting session if necessary, hide their list, allow or not allow them to record the session.

There is a possibility for Outlook integration, remote printing, polling and specific application sharing. It ensures privacy protection and multi-monitor support. And the meeting may be recorded by one click.

3. Onstream

This software is designed for web meetings between both small and large teams. Its layout may be easily customized so that the screen can be organized in accordance with particular requirements or preferences.

This service gives a chance to save detailed information about attendance: who, when, how long. The features of this system also include Live Video and Audio Streaming, chat and whiteboard, desktop and documents sharing, recording and content library.

4. Vonage

The next software in our overview is the cloud-based Vonage that has 2 options: Vonage Business and Vonage Residential.

The difference of Vonage from other similar web services is a virtual receptionist. You can set up it to redirect calls to other departments automatically. This feature allows users to improve customer service, as all calls are forwarded to the right member of staff and right department operatively. Users can allow their callers to dial by name or extension. The number of Virtual Receptionists is not restricted, thus, it’s a useful thing, for example, for holidays or non-working hours.

With Vonage, you can also use a call monitoring feature that allows supervisors to listen to the recordings of their employees. There are 3 modes of this feature in this system: barge, monitor or whisper.

Other features of Vonage are:

  • Traffic Prioritization
  • Amazon Chime Integration
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps
  • Launch a Contact Center
  • Phone Number Verification

5. Adobe Connect

There are 3 options in this tool that provide a different set of features for different purposes: Adobe Connect Meeting, Adobe Connect Webinars, Adobe connect Learning.

Adobe Connect allows using persistent rooms. That means you can customize everything and add all necessary content just once and use it multiple times. Your meetings may have several hosts and presenters. With Adobe connect you can use such features, as polls, screen and file sharing, whiteboard, quizzes.

Adobe Connect guarantees confidentiality, so you can share your documents, presentations and other important data without worrying about their privacy. You can save all your content in the library in the cloud.

All web conferencing programs have their advantages and disadvantages for different cases. One service may be an excellent choice for some kind of meetings while in other cases it may be completely inappropriate and inconvenient. So, close research and use of free trial can help you choose the most suitable one for your particular meeting.

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