Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Webinar that Your Audience Would Love

Step-by-step guide to creating a webinar that your audience would love

Creating a webinar that your audience would love is a challenging yet nice thing to do. You need to engage your audience, so you need to present interesting and helpful content creatively. A marvelous webinar should leave people motivated and inspired, not bored to death and with a feeling that they don’t want to repeat the experience.

It is difficult and challenging to build a webinar that will engage people and make them love it, but not impossible. We have created a step-by-step guide that will help you build a marvelous webinar.

Firstly, you need to ask yourself if a webinar is a good fit for your content. Keep in mind that some subjects are more relevant than others. And webinars reach their goal if people stop what they are doing to watch it. Something that will just run in the background will not have success, so you need to choose and tailor your subject carefully.

#1 Choose Your Topic Carefully

You need to carefully think about the subject you want to present in your webinar. Analyze it and see if the information you want to share is valuable or not. Some subjects are more suited than others for a webinar, as others are more suited for articles on your website. You need to attract the audience and keep it engaged until the end of the webinar, so choose topics that are of high interest and that are poorly documented on the internet. You can choose niche subjects that focus on specific actions.

For example, you can present, discuss and analyze the latest industry news and their impact on people’s activity. You can teach people how to use your products or services, or you can invite industry professionals to debate on hot topics. All these will grab the attention of your audience and an engaged audience is the first step towards a marvelous webinar.

On the other side, some topics are considered boring by the general webinar audience, and you should avoid choosing them for your webinar. You need to engage the audience, so avoid presenting general old information that is easily found on the internet without adding valuable information and insights from yourself. Also, selling products or services in a webinar is not recommended because people that are interested in buying them will look for them online.

Be careful not to choose multiple topics because they will make your webinar longer, but specific ones. A webinar is more valuable if the information presented is specific rather than general.

Choose to present content that is not easily found online and do not be afraid to share your perspective on the topic. Discuss specific features, debate the latest developments and improvements and always decide to share valuable information.

#2 Decide on the Webinar Format

There are webinar formats you can choose from and implement for your own. The webinar format is strongly tied to the subject you choose and some of them simply do not match. To engage the audience and create a marvelous webinar, you need to match the format with the message you want to send.

If you want to debate the latest news and industry developments, you can choose to organize a moderated discussion panel. All you need is to invite industry experts and professionals to discuss the chosen topic.

If you want to offer your audience valuable insights on a specific topic, you can organize an interview-type webinar where you invite an industry professional. This means that you need a speaker who will facilitate the discussion and an expert who will share his knowledge. This type of webinar has the potential to be very engaging, especially if the audience can submit their own questions for the expert.

If you want to share your knowledge and perspective, you can organize a Q&A where the audience asks questions and you answer them. To make things more efficient, the best thing you can do is to collect all the questions from your audience before starting the webinar. Like this, everything will be smoother and more efficient, without long pauses between answers.

Depending on your subject, you can also mix different types of webinar formats. For example, you can choose to present information on your topic and then organize a short Q&A with your audience.

#3 Build Your Script

Well, a webinar is nothing without a script. You need to make sure that the information is presented in a clear and organized way, making it easier to be assessed your audience. Experts from Australian assignment help who write essay writing service reviews say it is easy to go off track during your webinar if you do not have a script to guide you.

Your script needs to be adapted to your webinar format. If it is a panel discussion, you need to have some topics to be debated. In case it is a Q&A, you need to prioritize and organize the questions received from the audience.

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If you have experts and professionals invited to be part of your webinar, you need to select the most relevant questions and topics to be discussed. Keep in mind that the information shared during webinars needs to be valuable and insightful.

A script helps you stay on track and use the time you have as efficiently as possible. It helps you not forget details, facts or data you must share and make your content as valuable as possible.

#4 Define Your Target Audience

To make a marvelous webinar you need an audience. The audience is important because it can offer you feedback, endorsements, and praise. They can love and appreciate your webinar, but this depends on how you present the topic.

People go through different experiences and have different perspectives. This is influencing the way they receive information. Some data about your audience can help you choose your topic and webinar format easier.

Think about what kind of people would watch it. What are they interested in? Which are their problems? How are they dealing with them? What are their goals?

The answers to these questions offer valuable information and insights about your audience’s behavior, so you can tailor it to meet their needs and expectations.

#5 Create Your Promotion Strategy

All the information you have gathered until now about your audience will help you create the best promotion strategy. So, what do you do to let people know about your next webinar and tempt them to be part of it?

If you have the contact details of the past participants at your webinars or events, you can send them a newsletter and let them know the day and hour when it will start. Another idea would be to use social media platforms to your advantage and target your ads to people that might be interested in your webinar topic.

You can also use targeting ads to promote the opportunity you offer. But you can best tailor your promotion strategy depending on the profile of your audience.

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Decide upon these aspects when you start organizing your webinar and everything will be smoother and easier.

#6 Create the Presentation

Every webinar has two important components: the speaker and the presentation. The slides you create, support and highlight the main ideas presented by the speaker. Be careful! It should not be your script written in a PowerPoint, but the main ideas emphasized and presented. Remember those people that only read from the slides. Aren’t they boring?

Keep in mind that huge walls of texts on slides distract the audience. They need to pay attention to the speaker, not to focus on reading the text. Choose to present the information in an engaging and eye-candy way. Use tables, diagrams, and pie charts to present some data. People are more attracted by colorful elements than by walls of text, so you can use infographics to present the information. More advises how to create engaging webinar presentation you can find here.

#7 Make Sure That It Runs on Multiple Devices and Do a Dry Run

Thanks to all technological advancements, people can use multiple platforms and devices to join a webinar. You do not have to have a laptop or a computer necessarily. Now you can join webinars from your mobile phone or tablet, so you need to make sure that it runs on all these devices.

The latest data shows that 25 per cent of webinar participants use their mobile phones to take part in webinars. You need to build trust between your brand and your audience, so make sure that it runs on all devices and platforms.

To be sure that everything is going according to the plan, conduct a dry run before you go live. Like this, you have time to repair the gear and equipment that is not working. And you can also identify small problems that would perturb the webinar activity, such as the audience not hearing you.


Creating a webinar takes time, effort and resources but if you follow this guide you can create a marvelous webinar. Choose your topic carefully and focus on specific subjects, rather than general ones. Choose the speakers carefully and decide upon the format of your webinar.

Answer questions about your audience that will offer you insights to build a stronger script. Choose eye candy and attractive ways to present the information. Take care of the promotion of your webinar and do not forget to check all the equipment. A dry run should include a gear test, so make sure everything is fine before the big day.

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