Webinar Promotion on Twitter


Twitter is a social network for exchanging short messages. Topicality, swiftness, and timeliness of information are what matters here. So, Twitter is a very good means of spreading information about webinars. Today we are talking about webinar Promotion on Twitter.

At the same time, this instrument will not suit everyone. To promote online events, other instruments should better be used, if:

  • You have no account on this social network.
  • You add posts to Twitter from time to time, on an irregular basis.
  • You hold highly specialized webinars not intended for the broad audience.

In other cases, you can freely use Twitter along with other tools for webinar promotion.
In this article, we have prepared some pieces of advice and ideas on how to be more effective when promotion on Twitter.

Publish tweets with images


Messages with images are more noticeable in the social network feed. People share such posts 5 times more often when compared to text-only tweets (as Twitter messages are called).

While Twitter limits your post to 140 characters, a picture is a means of putting more information into one single message.

You can use either your own pictures or the ones found online elsewhere. For the image to be correctly displayed in the feed, first save it to your computer with a necessary resolution, and upload it to the social network afterward. Optimum picture size is 1024 pixels wide and 512 pixels high.

Publish messages with links


Your aim is to get as many attendees for your webinar as possible. So, add links to your tweets — show the users where they could register for your webinar or watch it live.

Twitter messages get indexed by search engines almost immediately. If you add links to your webinar’s landing page to your tweets, this will help to get your page indexed by search engines quicker.

You’d better shorten the links — Twitter’s limitation of 140 characters is valid for both text and URL. To shorten links, use dedicated services, e.g. puzz.me, bit.ly, goo.gl.

Use hashtags

Invent a special hashtag for your webinar and put it into messages. This will help you to track mentioning, questions or get other types of feedback about the event from the attendees.

When attracting the attention of new users, introduce the well-known tags: #Webinar #marketingwebinars and so on. Do not put more than two or three tags into a message.


Include call for action

Call for action in your tweets — to register for the webinar, visit a website or repost the tweet – increases the response of your audience. Users will just scroll posts with no calls for action in 90% of cases.

call to action

Make use of Twitter ads

Use advertising on Twitter to get even more results. You can adjust it using a special advertising panel on the social network.

To promote webinars on Twitter, you could use either of the two strategies: promotion of tweets or clicks to the website. Setting both of them up looks the same, but in one case the number of views of your tweet will increase, while in another one the same will happen with clicks to your website or the page you indicated.

How to launch ads on Twitter?

  • Put your company name and set the time of its start.
  • Select city, country, state or region where your ads will be shown (some locations are not supported yet).
  • Indicate the target audience you would like to attract, namely gender, language, device, interests etc.
  • Set the general budget and the daily one. If it is the first time that you launch ads campaign on Twitter, you will have to input the payment information.
  • Choose the tweet to be promoted. You can advertise the already existing tweets or create a new one. After setup, the ads are sent to pre-moderation.

Assess results

Measure results of Twitter promotion using Twitter Analytics. The statistics will offer information about the readers (interests, location, demographic data) and the number of users having interacted with publications, shared it or clicked the link.

Twitter can be successfully used webinar promotion on it. To do so, choose different methods: publish your tweets regularly, supply them with pictures, links and hashtags, and involve ads. Try certain Twitter promotion ideas and see which of them turns out to be more effective for you.

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