How to successfully promote webinars with Instagram

Attract more webinar signups with Instagram

One of the best ways to promote anything these days is through social network platforms like Instagram. With over a billion users, you can use this platform for marketing your webinars. Since Instagram is a mobile phone-based social media network, you will have a wider reach in terms of audiences.

Instagram For Your Webinar Promotion

With Instagram, you can attract followers, follow people, publish video and photo posts, and engage with others. The app also gives you opportunities to advertise webinars and other content for many people to see.

Take advantage of paid advertisements

When creating a budget, include the possibility of using paid advertisements as one cost of hosting a webinar. To increase the registrations for your webinar, having paid advertisements on Instagram can be very effective. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. By engaging its service for a reasonable amount, you can reach more people. Just remember that when you use paid advertisements, you won’t get immediate results.

In the beginning, your ads may not be very effective. This is because people still don’t know who you are right away, so they won’t click immediately. Therefore, you need to retarget those who clicked on your ads but haven’t registered yet. Success comes from following up. So you need to make an effort too.

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Use Instagram’s “Link in Bio” feature

According to Essay on Time, before creating the content of your ad, you must first optimize your profile. Usually, when a prospect clicks on your ad, the next thing they will probably do is to click on your IG profile to learn more about you. Therefore, your profile should be very clear about who you are, what you do, and how you will provide assistance. Emphasize the last part as this is what prospective audiences will look for.

Also, prepare a link where interested people can register for your webinar. You can have a direct link in your bio. You can also avail of a third-party service if you have several links in your profile.

Focus on visual imagery

Using stand-out visuals will make your promotions stand out on Instagram. The use of visual images is the most important type of content in marketing. If you plan to use Instagram to promote your webinar, create visual content for it. Visuals could be anything from teaser videos to original graphics. It’s more effective to use visuals to catch the attention of your target audience instead of sharing links only or posting blocks of text.

Aside from using graphics that include attractive details or images about your webinar, you may also create teaser videos that will briefly explain the objective of your webinar.

Advertise through Instagram stories

A great feature of Instagram is its “Instagram Stories.” This feature allows you to publish photos and videos that disappear after a day. While Instagram Stories won’t appear in your newsfeed, they will be shown at the top of it. If you want people to notice your stories more often, you can create visually appealing content and take advantage of aesthetic templates for Instagram Stories.

The more you engage with your followers on Instagram, the higher the likelihood will be that they will see your IG Stories when they open the app. This is a great way to advertise, especially when you have plenty of followers.

Use some clever hashtags

Another way to broaden your reach on IG is by using clever and relevant hashtags. Remember that users generally search using hashtags to find a specific topic. When you use hashtags, your post will show up when people search for your topic. This will be very advantageous for you if you can use a mix of different kinds of hashtags, including industry hashtags, branded hashtags, content hashtags, and niche hashtags.

Add a compelling caption to your post

Adding captions is another aspect of an excellent promotional post. One recent trend is the use of long-form IG captions to establish rapport with users. A caption — which should provide information — is the perfect place to get your audience to learn about your webinar. Just make sure that your captions aren’t “spammy” or repetitive. Captions should speak to your audience in a way that will encourage them to learn more. Present the problem and the solutions you will discuss in your webinar.

Also, remember that when describing your webinar in your captions, share what objectives of your webinar too. Include the benefits your audience can gain from it. Then include a statement of what your audience should do next.

Don’t forget the CTA

It takes more than just making people aware of your webinar. It’s also essential to tell them what to do next after seeing your promotional content. For this, you have to provide for them a clear Call-To-Action (CTA).

The CTA will inform your audience of the next step in the process. Usually, the CTA comes in the form of text in your caption. You can also add it to professional images in your post. You can also include a verbal CTA in your webinar’s teaser video.

Reach out to influencers

Create eye-catching Instagram graphics for your webinar

When people look up to you as a successful social media influencer, it means you’re already an internet sensation. Someone well-known in the industry. Influencers have high levels of engagement, credibility, and authority in social media networks.

They also have large audiences. Take advantage of these influencers by partnering with them and requesting them to promote your webinar. For instance, you’re hosting a webinar about cooking tips. Reach out to a social media influencer in the food industry and ask them if they can promote your webinar in exchange for something. If they agree, the chances of increasing your webinar registration will increase significantly.


Many people are hosting webinars but often rely on just a few methods to promote them. As you’ve discovered, Instagram provides various tools to help spread the word about your webinar and ensure it reaches a broad audience. Applying all the tips you’ve learned here can significantly expand your reach. When the time comes for your webinar to go live, you’ll have a large, eager audience ready to tune in.

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