How Companies are Using Webinars for Recruitment


Hiring new employees can be one of the most time-consuming and expensive processes companies undertake.

Webinars for Recruitment

Talent recruitment involves advertising for applicants, screening them, and deciding which one would best fit your company. It also entails marketing your current job vacancies – a process that requires much time and strategic commitment. It becomes even more complex when you are looking to hire more than just one new worker.

To streamline the whole recruitment process, consider the use of technology. Using the right tech solutions, you can shorten the timeframe needed for selecting and hiring new employees. You will save money as well.

The use of video in the recruitment process has increased by 49% since 2011 and continues to rise. Follow the trend and consider incorporating webinars or video conferencing in your hiring strategy.

Webinars as Staffing Tools

Although there are various types of tech tools used in recruitment, webinars are often underused in the staffing process. However, organizations can benefit greatly from this online tool when it is integrated into the recruitment process.

As a business owner or hiring manager, here are the different ways you can utilize webinars in your recruitment strategy:

1. As an innovative way to generate awareness

Webinars attract attention and boost recognition. Organizations often use web conferences to introduce their brand or present their products or services.

You can also do the same when hiring new staff or want to increase your applicant pool. By sharing valuable content via webinars and announce your current job openings, you get to boost your company’s credibility and present it as a great place to work.

Webinars allow you to get the interest of both active and passive candidates. It’s a great way to generate leads and get them to engage with you or submit their CVs.


2. As a tool for defining your target market

Consistently getting new applications is something that most recruitment executives and headhunting service providers appreciate.

But if you’re receiving hundreds of CVs every day, going through all these applications will waste a lot of your time. Simply separating the qualified candidates from those who are not will already be a time-consuming and tiring job.

This is an issue that you can avoid when you use webinars as a recruitment channel. You can broadcast the specific requirements or qualifications you are looking for in your desired candidates.

Encourage the attendees to ask questions about your requirements to provide answers for them but everyone interested in the position.

3. Webinars for recruitment of new college graduates

If you want to hire new college graduates for entry-level positions, hosting regular webinar job fairs will help you streamline the whole recruitment process.

Recent graduates do not have as much experience in the job-hunting process, so it is only natural for them to be scared and confused. By hosting, recording and publishing explanatory webinars on your company website and the college or university’s website, you will make it easier for them to apply.

You may even use webinars to speed interview potential candidates. This way, you can choose the most fitting candidates early on and focus on getting them to join the company.

This is what Harvard does annually with its Master’s and PhD students. They launch virtual career fairs that allow employers to connect with top-notch future or recent graduates.

This allows both companies and individuals not to be confined to their home states and look out for jobs worldwide.

4. As a means to entice qualified candidates to join your company

Using live videos and incorporating interesting images, slides, and charts in your webinar, you can present and highlight all the perks applicants stand to gain when they join your organization.

Make sure you showcase all the benefits they can get such as an attractive salary package, relocation allowance, coaching and mentoring, and work promotion opportunities to attract top talent.

Additionally, since many job seekers today want to know the company culture, management style, and policies before they push through with their application, you can use webinars to explain all of these.

You won’t have to spend hours discussing all these details with each candidate as well. An online seminar will allow you to talk about them with several applicants at a time. When you record these webinars, you can also use them again for future reference and training.

Virtual job fairs are becoming commonplace among businesses as well as governmental agencies of various countries. The US healthcare agency organizes a virtual job fair to interact with hundreds of potential employers in one online space.

Both workers and companies benefit greatly since there are no time, travel, and accommodations’ costs involved. Nobody needs to step away from their duties to attend a job fair. Employees can find a new position and companies — a qualified candidate literally during the lunch break.

5. As a possibility to attract a pool of applicants from all over the world

Not everyone will have the time and money to travel to your company’s recruitment event, especially if the applicants come from different countries.

To ensure that you are getting the cream of the crop, hold regular recruitment webinars and post their recordings on relevant social platforms.

This will make rare specialists from all across the globe more likely to take an interest in your company and relocate despite all the obvious difficulties.

With how easy it is to reach out to thousands of talented individuals from abroad. It is no longer necessary to limit yourself to the local talent. Use recruitment webinars as a means to diversity your applicants’ pool and acquire the best professionals.

6. As a way to decrease the turnover rate and retain employees

When people’s expectations do not reflect the job’s reality, they leave. Webinars are a good way to ensure that what your potential employees know what they get themselves into and are not later disappointed.

Hiring the right people is important since it is quite expensive to find, train, and accommodate top talent. You do not want to invest all that time and money only to have your newly minted employees leave after a couple of weeks.

This is especially important for startups with limited budgets. Do not let your business die before it had a chance to flourish.

Use webinars to introduce the company and the position, answer all questions, and provide powerful visuals worth a thousand words. With the right people on staff, you will be more likely to succeed and prosper.

7. As a channel to educate job seekers and hiring managers

Many applicants fail to get a position simply because they are not aware of the hiring process’s intricacies with a particular company. Having a recruitment webinar dedicated to all those difficulties makes it easier for the company to employ the most gifted individuals.

What is more, people will feel grateful for the company’s extra care and will be more likely to choose them as their employer.

Recruitment companies can benefit from it as well since the more educated applicants are about the hiring process, the more likely they are to get a job and be happy about the company’s services.

The same goes for the companies that often turn to recruiters to find the best fitting employees.

Robert Half, a US human resource company, leverages webinars in that regard. You can find numerous webinars dedicated to helping applicants in the job search and recruiters in hiring the best applicants on their website.


Successful people may often find it hard to deal with all the paperwork and legal repercussions, so having a webinar around these issues will catch their attention. Do not let bureaucracy deprive you of top talent — hold recruitment webinars for the common good.

As a recruitment manager, ensure you include webinars in your hiring strategy to save time and money and find the top talent your business needs.

What are webinars for recruitment?

Webinars for recruitment are online events where recruiters can connect with potential candidates, share information about job opportunities and company culture, and answer questions from attendees.

How do I attend a webinar for recruitment?

To attend a webinar for recruitment, you’ll typically need to register in advance by providing your name and email address. Once registered, you’ll receive a link to access the webinar at the designated time and date.

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