How to Record Webinars on Your Computer

record webinarNumerous moderators and visitors of webinars are having the same question – how to record webinars. Well, no wonder they have these questions, as when they have a webinar recording, it can be easily shared with the colleagues and visitors having had no opportunity to visit the event. Also, many webinar organizers use webinar recording in marketing, convenient watching afterward, or studying.

Webinar recording software

For webinar presenters


MyOwnConference is a webinar service with a webinar recording feature enabled. It will help you avoid downloading and installing additional specialized software on your desktop. So holding an online event and recording it works like a charm, as you are using the same service for both actions. Using the in-build webinar recording software, it is possible not only to record the broadcast sound but also save everything you see happening on the screen into a video file.

Features of MyOwnConference:

  • no additional software installation needed
  • compatibility with any operating system and browsers
  • uninterrupted webinar recording up to 10 hours
  • webinar recordings are available for watching them online and downloading them as MP4 files.

For recording your webinars, you can also use other webinar services that provide this feature. 

For webinar attendees


It is limited to recording sound from the microphone only. Its simple editor allows cutting out anything you no longer need or adding extra effects. It can save recorded files in numerous formats. Also, this software supports multiple languages and is cross-platform by nature.

Camtasia Studio

Software features:

  • editing instruments offer possibilities to change video, e.g., by adding inscriptions, animations and effects
  • a user can save the video in numerous formats
  • a user can upload the recorded video to YouTube directly from Camtasia Studio
  • HD video support.

How to record webinar with MyOwnConference

Webinar recording using MyOwnConference is fairly simple. Below you will find the step-by-step guide on how to record a webinar via webinar service.

Step 1: Enter your webinar room

Entering webinar rooms is available only to the users having registered for MyOwnConference, so if you still lack our account, you can register it here.

Then log in to your account and enter the webinar room.

Enter the webinar room

Step 2: Record your webinar

To start recording your screen, firstly press the Record button at the screen top.

Record webinars at MyOwnConference

Secondly, the button will show you the current recording duration.

Recording duration

In case you would like to stop recording, just press that button once again. In the pop-up window, please confirm your actions.

Stop the recording
After you finish the webinar recording, the file is sent to conversion. The process is automated and no interference from your side is requested. Conversion speed generally depends on the file size and how the server is currently loaded.

Step 3: Download the recording to your computer

Further, after conversion, the video will become available for downloading from your dashboard.

Download the recording
Moreover, the recorded event will be available for watching it online.

watch online

Also, you can share video recording with attendees.

If you still have questions on how to record webinars on your computer, you are welcome to address our technical support staff for more details on this.

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