10 Ways to Create Webinar Name

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No matter how interesting the webinar announcement is, a user is sure to pass it by in case the name is not catchy. The webinar name enables people to define whether it is worth reading the announcement, following the event page and registering. This is why it is important to think of a catchy title.

Catchy Webinar Title

What titles draw user’s interest most of all? Here are 10 variants we have selected.

Webinar Name with Target Audience in View

When your potential participant sees the headline contains some reference to their profession, hobby, gender, or anything like that, their interest in the webinar grows.

For example, a young mom would be much more interested in visiting the webinar called «10 ways to earn money while on maternity leave» than the one bearing the title «10 ways to earn money».

In the first case, she will definitely get the methods applicable when being on maternity leave, which is not sure to happen in the second case. This is why she will be more likely to visit the first webinar.

If a webinar is intended for a certain target audience, show this in its name.


  • «SEO for entrepreneurs»,
  • «Secrets of real designers».

Webinar Name with Target Audience Source: hubspot.com

Offer Title

Sometimes there is no need to re-invent the wheel. A webinar title that contains a clear proposition will sure catch your viewers’ attention.

To present the offer, first determine the goal of your webinar. Does it mean to entertain, inform, teach?

Once you know your goal, you can include the corresponding verb in the title. This way, even those who see the title only briefly will understand immediately what your webinar is all about and if they are interested.


  • «Learn the basics of Java programming»,
  • «Find out how to negotiate better and get a job tomorrow»,
  • «Discover the new trends in storytelling»,
  • «Create a beautiful landing page with expert help».
Offer title

Webinar Titles with Emotional Appeal

You should strive to inspire your audience even before your webinar airs. The easiest way to do so is to create a title with a strong emotional appeal.


  • «Spend more time with your family — earn money from home,»
  • «Stop wasting time and learn to stay productive all day,»
  • «No more excuses: learn how to travel on a limited budget».

Do your research to ensure that these titles resonate with your target audience. For example, if your viewers are mostly young singles, it makes no sense to appeal to «family», «kids», or anything.

It would be best if you also were careful not to sound rude and negative. Do not tell your viewers to «stop being lazy» — teach them to be more productive.

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Question Webinar Title

The human mind is eager to find answers to questions. It has been proven that titles starting with «how», «why», «what», and «when» stir a more intense interest in the audience.

Especially effective are the names starting with «How». People are subconsciously expecting to see a practical guide or a certain plan behind such a title, and are more willing to register for the webinar.


  • «How to create a landing page in one night and have time to sleep?»,
  • «Fears of changes — what to do?».
webinar name with question

Source: hubspot.com

Checklist Title

Such names are formed with the help of numbers and words like «ways», «pieces of advice», «reasons», «secrets», etc. For example, 10 pieces of advice, 7 ways. The topic of the webinar is usually indicated after this: e.g., «8 secrets of hiring staff effectively».

The list title signals the person what benefit they will get at the webinar. Subconsciously, the webinar with the name «5 steps to context ads adjustment» seems to be more informative and structured than «Context ads adjustment», though the content of both events can be identical.


  • «10 facts about online shop’s success»,
  • «7 secrets about profitable deals».
webinar name with numbers

Source: hubspot.com

Webinar Headline with Reference to Topicality

Names with reference to topicality draw attention with words such as «new», indication of the year, etc. Such names demonstrate to the user how relevant and new the information offered at the seminar will be.


  • «5 attributes telling your email marketing has stepped into 2019»,
  • «SMM marketing 2.0».

Source: hubspot.com

Quick and Easy Solution Titles

People are busy and are. As a result, often discouraged from learning something complicated. Use words such as «quick» and «easy» to convince your potential participants that your webinar won’t be that hard.

Emphasize the short timeframe of your online event to attract even more participants. People would prefer to dedicate 45 minutes of their time to learn it all in one go from a real professional than to parse through numerous articles by themselves, unable to see the truth from mere gimmicks.


  • «Quick and easy solutions for marketing professionals in 2019»,
  • «How to quickly master a foreign language»,
  • «Learn the latest web design trends in just 30 minutes!»

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Webinar Titles with Literary Devices

Literary devices turn the title into something unexpected and intriguing. In order to create such a name, play with some famous phrase or saying, use metaphors or other literary devices familiar to you.


  • «50 shades of expensive».

Number Titles

Titles that contain numbers such as 10, 7, 3 generate more engagement than those without. It’s just a fact of life, so if you want to cast a wide nest, try to incorporate numbers into your webinar name.

There is a danger, however, that your title will sound like a clickbait. This is not necessarily the bad thing per se, but some experts may be hesitant to join your webinar.

To avoid the issue, make sure your webinar banner includes your photo, the photo of other notable speakers, and their credentials. This will make your event look legitimate and worth attending.


  • «10 proven ways to generate more leads in 2019»,
  • «5 unexpected marketing techniques that yield results»,
  • «7 ways to convince investors: tips from successful startuppers».

number titles Source: sproutsocial.com

Combination of Several Variants

Not only one, but two or more of the methods described above can be used in the headline creation. Thus, organizers get more chances to attract the attention of the audience. The main thing is not to «overload» the name.


  • «Making yourself work? 7 working principles»,
  • «Managing a project team. 5 techniques».

In conclusion, a brief name is perceived as easier than a long one. For the webinar name, use up to 10 words.

In Summary

A carefully selected webinar name can increase the interest of the visitors to the webinar and influence the number of registrations. That is why it is better to invent several variants first and choose the best one afterward. The examples offered above will help to achieve this.

Should the webinar name be related to the topic of the webinar?

Ideally, the webinar name should be related to the topic to help potential attendees understand what the webinar is about. However, it’s also essential to make the name catchy and attention-grabbing.

How long should a webinar name be?

A webinar name should be short, ideally no more than 5-7 words. This makes it easier to remember and share on social media by attendees.

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