The Best GoToMeeting Alternatives in 2020

Best GoToMeeting Alternatives

Despite being a pretty popular and neat video conferencing platform, GoToMeeting is not the be-all and end-all of the industry. Plenty of other fantastic services pose serious competition to the established name in 2020.

Let’s Review Most Success Webinar Platforms

It all comes down to your personal needs and preferences. This article shall review various web and video conferencing platforms that can be your alternative to GoToMeeting.

Platform MyOwnConference

Let’s start with our beloved video conferencing platform — MyOwnConference.

💲 Pricing

First of all, it is better if you are looking to host free meetings for a small number of participants. When GoToMeeting’s trial period lasts only 14 days, with MyOwnConference, you can enjoy a free lifelong webinar hosting for 20 attendees. Also, the free trial plan includes all features which you can use. 

✔️ Benefits

Unlike GoToMeeting, MyOwnConference does not require you to download any special app. This is useful for people who may find it difficult to learn new tech.

Moreover, MyOwnConference accommodates a larger number of participants (10,000) in its regular plan. GoToMeeting has an enterprise plan for 3,000 attendees, but you need to get a special quote.


See if ClickMeeting is your way to go regarding web conferencing platforms.

💲 Pricing

clickmeeting pricing

ClickMeeting, while more expensive, has a longer trial period (30 days), so you can get a sense of whether this webinar service is the right fit.

✔️ Benefits

This tool is impressive when it comes to its numerous integration opportunities. If you need your webinar platform to work with a certain tool, you may want to choose this service over GoToMeeting.


Should you try Webex instead of GoToMeeting? Let’s take a look.

💲 Pricing

webex pricing

Webex pricing is similar to that of GoToMeeting. However, with Webex, you can host webinars with 50 participants for $13.50 per month, while GoToMeeting only allows you to have 10 participants per event with its $14 per month starter plan.

So if you want more participants for a smaller monthly fee, Webex is a viable alternative. That is, without mentioning it’s two times longer, 30-day free trial.

✔️ Benefits

Webex is worth looking into if you need to broadcast to numerous attendees and don’t mind a more limited interaction. This platform allows you to host webcasts for 40,000 people — a unique proposition on the market.

GoToMeeting’s enterprise plan caps at 3,000 participants. Of course, you can go with the company’s other solution — GoToWebcast. However, even GoToWebcast sets a limit of 5,000 attendees.


Zoom is extremely popular. However, should you use it instead of GoToMeeting? Let’s discover this together.

💲 Pricing

zoom pricing

Zoom can be free if your meetings do not last longer than 40 minutes and the number of participants does not exceed 100.

Zoom’s Pro plan is significantly cheaper than GoToMeeting; however, please note that you get fewer participants and limited cloud storage.

✔️ Benefits

Zoom would strike you as more collaborative since it has breakout rooms for people to gather in interest groups and have more meaningful interactions.

In addition, Zoom enables simultaneous screen share — a feature absent in GoToMeeting. Basically, with Zoom, numerous participants and hosts can share their screens at the same time.

This streamlines the collaboration, although mobile users may find the inability to switch between screens quite inconvenient.


Let’s compare another GoToMeeting alternative – On24.

💲 Pricing

On24 does not list its prices on the website. You can fill in a short form to get a quote as a company representative.

This webinar platform offers a trial with a unique feature: engagement scoring tools. While with other companies, you can usually get analytics only on advanced plans, On24 offers it for free.

✔️ Benefits

On24 seems to be all about calculating and increasing engagement. They put a big emphasis on measuring your audience’s satisfaction level and its dynamic adjustment.


What about WebinarJam? Can it be a competition for GoToMeeting?

💲 Pricing

WebinarJam offers the longest trial period (60 days) for just one dollar. During that time, you can host webinars with three presenters for 500 participants.

After the trial, you can get a monthly, annual, or two-year plan. Since GoToMeeting bills its clients annually, let’s compare the yearly plans.

WebinarJam charges $479 per year, which is about 39 dollars per month (similar to GoToMeeting). However, with GoToMeeting, you get 250 attendees per webinar. With WebinarJam, you get double that — 500. It seems like a better option.

✔️ Benefits

In addition to being cheaper, WebinarJam has a more modern and appealing look, thanks to its numerous page designs and fewer restrictions with Keynote or PowerPoint presentations.

The platform also offers customizable autoresponder emails and clickable images/CTA buttons within the webinar that boost viewers’ conversions and sales.

Zoho Meeting

Let’s look at Zoho Meeting — yet another alternative for GoToMeeting.

💲 Pricing

zoho meeting

Zoho Meeting is overall more expensive than GoToMeeting. However, its basic 25-attendee plan is better than GoToMeeting’s starter 10-attendee plan. The prices are similar, but you can have 15 more participants.

✔️ Benefits

Zoho Meeting does not require the attendees to download any software, yet the platform works with all operating systems and devices.

Your participants are less likely to miss the event since Zoho Meeting’s RSVP scheduling tool adjusts to the viewers’ time zone.


Any webinar platform is constantly evolving and adding new features. It’s important to stay vigilant and not be afraid to switch when your once favorite service is no longer the optimal solution for your success.

Overall, these are the factors to consider when deciding upon a particular platform:

  • The number of attendees. If you plan to host smaller meetings, it makes sense to look up various free plans, such as MyOwnConference.
  • Type of billing. Many platforms bill per host. Remember, you don’t have to pay extra when choosing a plan.
  • Analytics options. Not all webinar platforms offer analytics reports. Inquire in advance if your chosen service does.

There are, of course, many other factors to be considered. The important thing is there are plenty of GotoMeeting alternatives — you need to know exactly what you need.

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