7 Sources for Generating Webinar Topic Ideas [Practical Guide]

webinar topic ideas

Webinars are an extremely efficient way to engage new prospects and existing customers. You might have attended or even hosted webinars that gather tons of attendees and spark interesting insightful discussions.

In this practical guide, we’re going to explore 7 sources where you can gather webinar topic ideas that immediately spark your attendees’ interest and potentially generate some webinar sales. In addition, we’re going to look at some ways to make that webinar topic sound attractive.

Talk to Your Customers and Sales Team

Your existing customers are one of the best sources for ideas for your future webinars. The odds are that people in the same industry are experiencing the same problems and roadblocks.

Just emailing or calling up 10 of your customers to ask about how they are satisfied and being curious about their current professional challenges will definitely give you ideas for multiple webinars.

If you find calling customers too time-consuming, alternatively you can send them a customer satisfaction survey and ask about some related challenges in that survey.

If you need to have to topic ideas now and have a sales team, you’re in luck. Salespeople talk to customers daily. They talk about general industry topics and get to hear what their customers are currently struggling with.
Talk to your customers and sales team, they’re a great source of inspiration.

Questions from Previous Webinars

If some of your customers have experienced a certain problem in the past, it’s more than likely that your future customers will experience similar problems.

Open up the analytics and exports page in your webinar software. Go through your previously held webinars and look through the Q&A history. What were your customers asking, what were they curious about? There might be a recurring theme that inspires you for a new webinar.

It might also help to skim through the chat logs of your previous webinars.

It’s also a good idea to include a custom question in your webinar registration form. For example, asking “What is currently the biggest challenge for you in X” will give you heaps of ideas for future webinars. Or you can ask the same question in the webinar feedback survey. That’s also a great way to gather ideas for improvement.

Google Trends and Keyword Research

Trending and “Buzz” topics attract webinar signups like moths to a flame.

Try exploring Google Trends with some of your industry keywords to see if they’re trending. If you hit a trending keyword, include it your webinar topic title.

Another way to find trending topics is on ExplodingTopics. You’ll see keywords that have massively grown in Google search across industries. You can also browse by categories.

exploding topics

Another way to explore topics and questions that people actually search for is using AnswerThePublic. Just type in a keyword and it generates all the popular queries that people actually search for.

LinkedIn and Facebook Groups

If you haven’t already joined LinkedIn and Facebook groups in your industry, then you’re missing out. People ask timely and relevant questions, share news and upcoming events. If you find an active Social Media community, it’s an absolute gold mine for relevant and timely topics to create a webinar around.

When someone posts a topic or a question, you can see by the amount of likes and comments if this topic is something that other group members connect to or not. That’s already quite a good validation if it genuinely interests people or not.

Join the conversation. It’s also a good way to build relationships and perhaps even invite someone as a guest speaker to your next webinar. Which brings up to our next point.

“Ask the Expert” Webinars

People want to hear authority in their industry talk about difficult topics and current trends. You don’t have to come up with specific topics. The main webinar attraction could be that expert.

These types of webinars are called AMA (Ask me anything), where the webinar attendees already come prepared with their questions and the whole 1-hour webinar session is basically a big Q&A.

It’s also great for the guest or expert you’ve invited to establish their authority and relevance in the industry.

When you’re inviting a guest speaker, it’s also a good idea to ask your guest to promote the webinar to their audience as well. If you combine two audiences, you can really get a lot of people to attend your webinar.

Look for Trends in Your Industry

Sometimes being original is overrated. If you’re already seeing the big players in your industry and blogging and writing about a specific topic, it’s worth looking into it and creating a webinar around it.

Big companies with massive research budgets can do expensive market research to find out about the trends and interesting topics. Follow these blogs and publishers. They might be onto something that’s interesting to your audience as well.

You can use the same ideas and approach it from a different angle or tailor it to a different audience.

Expand on Previous Popular Webinars and Blog Posts

Some topics are timeless. Look through your webinar archives and see which webinars generated the most signups.

Perhaps they’re already multiple years old.

That’s an opportunity to repurpose old webinars with a fresh perspective and new ideas. Perhaps you can generate new statistics and new insights.

Another great source of ideas is exploring your old blog posts and reading the comments. If discussions are happening under the comment section, the topic clearly demands further discussion. Use these ideas to create a webinar.

Bonus Tip: Creating an Attractive Topic Title

By now, you probably have a few brilliant ideas bubbling up. To make sure these webinar ideas reach their full potential, you have to come up with an attractive webinar topic title.

A quick way to generate a webinar title is using the Blog Title Generator to come up with a rough title and just modify it a bit to make it suitable.

blog title generation

Another important method to generate webinar topic ideas is using emotionally charged power words. Using these power words could be the reason why your webinar becomes wildly popular.

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