Webinar Invitation Email: The Friendliest Examples

webinar invitation email

How do you write and design a webinar invitation email to get those sweet conversions flowing? In this article we shall explore some of the prominent webinar invitation email examples and why they might be successful or not.

Best Email Invitation Examples

Stanford Webinar Invitation Email

First and foremost, it is worth noting that right in the title it is clear that the webinar is free. This creates a strong incentive to participate in it.

Stanford Webinar Invitation

This email has a very simplistic and clear design. There is nothing flashy and distracting about it, which is fine since the logo speaks for itself.

The “Register” buttons are quite visible on the white background, and there are two of them, which is always a bonus. However, it would be nice if they could be a bit bigger than the rest of the text.

There is a bullet list stating what you will gain from the webinar. Although we definitely applaud structure and clarity, the overall descriptions seem pretty vague.

In general, this is a friendly and appealing free webinar invitation that is sure to entice many attendees with the name alone.

College Admissions Webinar Invitation Email

College Admissions

This webinar email invitation sample is really laconic and straight to the point. You know exactly what you will get out of it: info about degree and careers, meetings with faculty members, answers to your questions, etc.

The color scheme is consistent throughout: the burgundy header matches nicely with the signup button of the same shade.

The potential students can also clearly see other ways to connect with the university in case they can’t make it to the webinar. This is definitely a thoughtful gesture on the part of webinar creators.

Red Cross Webinar Invitation Email

Red Cross

This invitation email example tries to tug at your heartstrings, which is fine since this is how NGOs attract volunteers and other interested parties.

You are provided a link to join the webinar and all the necessary codes and passwords. The “Add to Calendar” button is also pretty on your face, which adds extra convenience.

Interestingly, the bullet list is made in the form of questions. This is likely to ignite curiosity among the viewers — enough to boost attendance significantly.

Energy Management Webinar Invitation Email

Energy Management Webinar Invitation

In front of you is a very minimalist webinar invitation email. However, it works, since it does not overburden the user with extra information and gets straight to the point.

The phrase “Free Webinar” is almost impossible to miss.

There are two CTA buttons, colored in orange. They stand out nicely against the white and grey background.

The best part of this webinar invitation email is how clear the copy is. People would know what they are getting out of it after the first brief glance, so they are more likely to register straight away.

Web Design Webinar Invitation Email

Web Design Webinar Invitation

This webinar invitation email sample is highly inspirational. The webinar creator makes you feel like by visiting their webinar you will be doing something important with your life and actually reaching your goals.

It also lays groundwork for mutual respect since the host acknowledges how busy you may be and how grateful they are for your interest.

Overall the email reads easily and inspires the viewer to show up for the webinar. Although it does not have a custom design, the bold and italics typefaces help the participant focus on the most important bits.

Deeper Learning Webinar Invitation Email

Deeper Learning

The author of this invitation email tries to connect with a viewer on a more personal level. They try to relate to the viewer, saying they were just like them at some point.

The rhetorical questions, in the beginning, are nice as well since they make the participant answer those questions in their heads and realize the importance of the upcoming webinar.


Creating a friendly and engaging webinar invitation email is easy. Here are some key rules to follow:

  • Do not use complex words and syntactic structures. Keep your copy simple and straight to the point. Use bullet lists for better structure.
  • Make sure the registration button stands out. Make it bigger and of a different, bold color.
  • If the webinar is free, let the user know in the email subject line. This should increase your open rate dramatically.

Following these simple tips will make it easier for you to create webinar invitation emails that result in registrations.

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