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Presentation Skills

Presenting is speaking in front of people to explain a topic, idea, view, etc. to your audience. Presentation skills are important as every individual has to face circumstances in which he or she has to explain their perspective to others. Presenting can be explaining any topic; it is not limited to business or colleges only.

What Skills are Required for the Presenter?

Many colleges have made it mandatory for their students to deliver successful presentations. Also, in reputed companies, people have to deliver presentations either physically or through a webinar/ web conference, etc. At such a point, it becomes really important for a person to learn these skills.

Even if you are not into jobs and want to start up your business, still you require presentation skills to explain your policies, strategies to your partners or employees. For instance, you opened a business named assignment help and after some time, you decided to start one more program where you also provide essay help. So, you have to conduct meetings and seminars to explain how the new project will be launched. What are the necessary steps? Etc.

Presentation Skills

There is a difference between presenting in front of people and conducting a webinar. Although they are a lot similar, there is a difference in the audience. In the webinar, you don’t see the audience, but still you have to display your skill set at its best. Whereas, while delivering a presentation in front of a physical audience, the person should be able to think and act quick. Here are the skills you need to give a webinar presentation:

Communication Skills

First and foremost, communication skills come into the picture. Without proper communication skills, you cannot deliver an engaging or interesting presentation. The presentation does not only mean to deliver content and know your slides well. Communication skills are required to interact with your audience and make them understand your topic. It is the ability of the presenter how well he or she persuades the audience to listen.


The second essential skill is confidence. If you are confident, your body language will show it. Also, demonstrating your confidence will help in the captivating audience. Having a thorough knowledge of content, good presentation, proper communication, etc. are factors that boost your confidence.

Remember the difference between being confident and overconfident. Being overconfident will not impress the audience. Similarly, low confidence will also not play the trick. Many people have a fear of speaking in front of people, if you have the same fear, then take steps to overcome this fear.

Attractive Slides

Attractive slides help in delivery the presentation and engaging the audience. Now, note that attractive slides mean to create slides simple and elegant. Use pictures and small videos to explain the concept rather than using paragraphs. It is a presentation rule that a good presentation does not include long paragraphs.

According to a presentation statistic, 91% of people believe that if they have attractive slides, their confidence gets boosted while delivering a presentation. Also, some presenters do sliding reading. It is important to avoid slide reading, as it displays poor presentation skills.

Body Language

Body language

Yes, even in a webinar, your body language is important. It is a significant factor to interact audience. Using facial gestures, hand movements, eye-contact, good posture, etc. are examples of body language. Hand movements should be made (but not too much), make eye-contact, while presenting a webinar, make sure you look in the camera and not here and there.

Maintain a good posture, stand straight and don’t stick to one place, shift from your place after some time, don’t keep arms crossed. By following these tips, you will definitely be a good webinar presenter.

Dress Code

Dress code is not mandatory in all webinars. But for delivering a presentation in a company or while video conferences, etc. you must be in formals. Formal attire for men includes formal shirts and trousers along with ties are necessary.

Dress code on webinars

Women’s formal attire includes formal shirts, trousers or skirts or even formal dress will work well. Do not wear fancy clothes, excessive make-up, and fancy shoes. The dress code helps in showing your seriousness and makes you a good presenter. It makes you look professional.


This is an area where people make a mistake. Keeping the same pitch throughout the webinar or low pitch both are wrong. You must know on which topic you need to keep your pitch high or low. Important topics or stats are presented using high pitch and less important factors can be said in a low pitch.

Engage the Audience

A good presenter will always attract and interact with the audience. In the webinar, your audience can post live comments or suggestions or queries. For interacting with the audience, you can ask questions. One slide can be included for question and answers or short quizzes. This will help in interacting with the clients.


Rehearsals should be done before presenting. Practice hard and many times till you are satisfied. Rehearse in front of a mirror. It is a good practice to adopt. You should also record your presentation. By recording it, you can learn where you make mistakes and areas you need to improve in.

While delivering it should not look like you have crammed the topics and are just blurting it. Fumbling should also be avoided while delivering the presentation. To avoid these factors, rehearsing is necessary.

Time tracking on topics

Webinars are time-bound. Even if you are not given a time limit, you must make a schedule and manage the time accordingly. Being a presenter, you must know which topics should be presented for a longer time span and which to present for a shorter period.

The timespan of a topic depends on its weight and importance. If a topic is essential, then spend more time on it and give examples so that the audience understands it. If a topic is not essential, you can skip it or explain it in a few lines along with an example.

When you have these skills, then you will present very well without any doubt. Also, choosing a camera and microphone for the webinar is essential. The electronic devices should be connected properly to avoid errors while presenting. In the end, ask for questions or feedback and thank your audience for investing their time to listen.

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