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Discover our unified, browser-based webinar platform with real low-latency streaming, custom-crafted for you. It’s the go-to solution for marketers, coaches, and innovators aiming to host profit-boosting, impactful webinars
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We assist you in hosting world-class webinars!

Manage webinars with ease

With our cutting-edge webinar scheduling and planning tools, you can smoothly manage webinars or a sequence of interlinked webinars and efficiently handle them as a unified whole. Whether you’re dipping your toes into hosting webinars or are a seasoned pro, our platform equips you with all the bells and whistles to simplify your webinar creating, scheduling and holding.

Swift and straightforward process for rescheduling webinars
Host webinars and invite your audience to online events
Straightforward webinar planning and scheduling
Engage in a video conference with up to 10 speakers at once
Comprehensive control for webinar moderators through flexible permissions
Host instant meetings, enjoy video conferencing, organize webinars and more

Go live with high-speed streaming

Stream directly from your preferred browser without the need for any additional software. Moreover, if you’re looking for an added layer of security, consider trying our exclusive downloadable streaming plugin. With our secure protocol, this zero-latency tool provides a real-time solution for you to broadcast webinars, ensuring they remain protected, fast, and free from delays.

Build your branded webinar space

Elevate your events with simple webinar platform

Your bespoke logo

Personalize your webinar space by incorporating your logo for that distinct branding touch.

Personalized business banners for your webinar rooms

Company banner

You can showcase your company’s branding by displaying your corporate banner within the webinar environment.

Customizable email notification banners for webinars

Logo for your emails

Tailor the email header with your own branding for forthcoming webinar alerts.

Discover our exceptional features tailored for streamlined live webinars

Our interface boasts a simplicity that’s both intuitive and easy to navigate. Furthermore, the dashboards have been designed to be incredibly user-friendly. This focus on simplicity in design ensures you can quickly dive in and get started. When you use our software, you’ll find it seamless to immerse yourself in crafting your webinars and video conferences. The best part is that it’s customized for users of all technical skill levels.

Automated webinars

Elevate your webinars with our advanced automation features. Transform each session into a sleek, automated experience, and transcend traditional limitations to elevate your webinars effortlessly.

Secure broadcasting

Experience unparalleled security in your webinars. Our advanced broadcasting plugin keeps your broadcasts confidential, safe, and accessible only to your intended audience within the webinar rooms.

Polls, surveys and quizzes

To gain valuable insights and feedback, utilize polls and surveys with the MyOwnConference webinar platform. Engage your attendees and uncover their opinions effortlessly during your webinars.

Secure screen sharing

Elevate your training sessions using our secure screen-sharing feature. Seamlessly present content to make it easier for your audience to grasp and interact with your material, enhancing their overall experience.

Instant access to our webinar platform

Effortlessly explore our platform’s features by clicking the button below. Instantly sign in as a guest moderator and experience our comprehensive webinar tools with a single click.

Live engagement hub

Kindly note that our support team can assist you with our webinar software from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 21:00. Our support services are unavailable on weekends, specifically Sundays.
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