Au­to­mat­ed webinars

You have got perfect material – create an ideal webinar using it that would feature no drawbacks and make it work for you even during vacation time.

What’s this?

Automated webinars are a technology that allows to partially or completely automate holding webinars with no direct participation of a presenter. It is an effective marketing instrument in information business, having become popular due to advantages it offers.

How does it work?

  1. Select a webinar room and set the main preferences: presenter, country and time zone.
  2. Adjust the schedule.
  3. Upload video for webcam.
  4. Program events at the webinar, i.e. the actions to happen in the webinar room during your automated webinar.
  5. If you prefer to, you can add some virtual attendees.

What are advantages of using it?

Considerable time saving. You will no longer need to host the same webinar several times.

Convenience for users. While automated webinars can run daily and even several times a day, for attendees it will be easier to select time comfortable for taking part in it.

Help in increasing client base.

Constant income. When you work in creating new products and have no time to host webinars, namely automated webinars will be able to support sales.

Seeking a pause for rest and searching for new ideas, willing to use possibilities of webinar rooms or planning to host a of free webinars?
Using the automated webinar function, you can prepare everything at the top-notch level.

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