Au­to­mat­ed Webinars on Autopilot

You already have perfect keynotes or videos — create an ideal automated webinar with no drawbacks! And make it work for you on autopilot, even during your vacation or other time you spend with your team, family, or friends.

No time to schedule and run live webinars?

Automated webinars are a technology that allows partially or wholly automated holding of webinars with no direct participation of a presenter.

It is an effective marketing instrument in the information business and has become popular due to its advantages. Automated webinars are similar webinars that are on autopilot. With the web-based webinar software platform MyOwnConference, you can run your automated webinar in a few clicks. The viewers will get the personal link from an email and watch the automated webinar like a live webinar. No installation is required. Everything work in your favorite browser.

👉 Record, share, repeat — record a live webinar, and after, set up an automated webinar with calls to action (CTA), sales offers, and more — and let it rock around the clock.

👉 It makes planning ahead easier — schedule showings for specific times. Connect with people wherever and whenever they are.

👉 Let the webinar do the rest of the work — once you record your live webinar or upload your video, we care for the rest.

Engage your automated webinars as if they were live events!

How does autopilot work?

  1. Create a webinar and set the main preferences
  2. Adjust the schedule for your reliable autopilot
  3. Upload video for webcam or choose previously recorded webinar
  4. Import the scenario with bots, chats and call-to-action banners
  5. If you prefer to, you also can add some virtual attendees
  6. Get rest and enjoy while automated webinar works for you

What webinar actions can be automated?

All automated webinars come with automation rules that the webinar's creator set up during webinar scheduling. Automation rules determine what time one or other automation will occur throughout the webinar. Here are some examples of webinar automations:

  1. Set a webinar date
  2. Set a webinar duration
  3. Redirect to the page after the webinar
  4. Play an uploaded video or from YouTube
  5. Play a pre-recorded live webinar
  6. Start a poll
  7. Send a CTA

What are advantages of using it?

Considerable time-saving. You will no longer need to host the same webinar several times. Instead, Create recording, export bots, chat transcripts, CTA, and schedule the automated webinar. We do the rest!

Convenience for users. While automated webinars can run daily and even several times a day, it will be easier for attendees to select a time comfortable for participating in an automated webinar.

Help in increasing client base. Bots and chat scenarios with CTA will automatically encourage your clients to register and buy goods or services during the automated webinar.

Regular income. When you work on creating new products and have no time to host webinars, namely automated webinars will be able to support sales and increase your revenue.

Were you seeking a pause for rest and searching for new ideas, willing to use possibilities of webinar rooms, or planning to host free webinars? You can prepare everything at the top-notch level using the automated webinar function. As a result, create a better experience for your attendees and less stress for your team. You’re just minutes away from building engaging automated events.

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