How to Hold Webinar Everyone Would Follow till the End?

 successful webinar

So, you are getting ready to webinar holding: you select the topic, prepare your keynote and gather your audience. Sure thing, you would like it to welcome as many attendees as possible and they’d better stay at the webinar from the very beginning till the end. But what should you do in case the number of attendees is gradually becoming less towards the end of the event?

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How to Promote Your Event on Instagram


Instagram – a social network, with emphasis on a visual content: photos, images and short videos. 300 million people visit it daily. Instagram is used to promote brands, products, personalities and events.

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How to Hold a Paid Webinar?

paid webinar

Paid or closed webinars are perfect for online training and consultation. They are indispensable for tutors or teachers, consultants, coaches that provide their services through Internet. Here we will talk about how to organize and hold paid webinar.

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How to Promote Your Event on Facebook

promote event facebook

There are more than 39 ways to promote conferences and other events. But there is no need to try all this ways at the same time, especially if you make a promotion by yourself or with team of two or three people. It is much more efficient to select 5-7 instruments and concentrate all your efforts, time and budgets on them.

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How to Write Webinar Announcement

webinar announcement

Webinar announcements are placed at the registration pages, in social networks and in emails. A good announcement would contain major information about webinar and answers to possible questions of visitors concerning the upcoming event. On top of that, such an announcement motivates users to register for the webinar. Below, 10 questions are offered that would help you prepare a quality informative announcement.

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How to Participate in a Webinar


Webinar is a seminar or a conference held on the Internet. Participating in them is easy: you can connect to the event from virtually any place in the world where you have Internet access.

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39 Tools for Webinar Promotion

tool for promotion
Webinars help to find potential clients and promote complex products. But in order to get good results, webinars should be thought out thoroughly and need active promotion. This article will offer you the list consisting of 39 ways to help you promote webinars and result in as many registrations for your event as possible.

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Reviewing The Lost Art of the Great Speech by Richard Dowis

public speech

Success of a public speech depends on many factors: logics of the speech, its richness, correct mimics, visual contact with audience, even on the speaker’s appearance. The Richard Dowis’s book The Lost Art of the Great Speech covers all aspects of public speeches, from preliminary preparations to writing speech theses and answers to the questions from the audience.

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MyOwnConference App Available

MyOwnConference app
Lately, we have published an application for smartphones and tablets. Now, listening to a webinar, watching a keynote or communicating in a chat is available when commuting to work or in a business trip. The app is available for Android and iOS powered devices.

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FAQ: Presenters and Moderators at Webinars

presenters at webinar

Holding a webinar turns to be much easier in case you have got a person to help you. It is usually called “moderator”, “administrator” or “co-presenter”. Its main functions are solving technical and organizational issues at webinars.

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