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Successful Webinars: 17 Rules

Video conference

Live broadcasting of one or several presenters and attendees, up to 10 people at a time.

Try not to mix natural light with artificial light if possible.

Video Conferencing Etiquette Rules

Instant messaging

Instant messages that webinar attendees can exchange allow presenters to get feedback and direct the webinar.

Pin important information and links to the top of the chat, so attendees don't lose them in the feed.

How to Make Webinars More Interactive

Show documents
and slides

Show documents, slides and any materials improves perception of the webinar by its attendees.

Don’t use the animation in your presentation. It just distracts attendees.

How to Create an Engaging Webinar Presentation

Record now, share later

Record webinar in one of the presented formats: SD, HD or Full HD. You have complete control over which elements of the webinar room include in the record.

Try to reduce all background noise. Close the windows, turn off any notifications and take care of the silence in the room.

How to Record Webinars on Your Computer

Share your media

Broadcast your uploaded and YouTube videos.

Show short videos for 3-5 minutes. Do not tire your audience with half-hour videos.

7 Most Popular Types of Visual Content to Use in Your Webinars

Share your screen

Share your computer's screen with attendees and multiply training effectiveness.

Close all notifications from messengers so that personal messages do not suddenly appear during the screen sharing.

FAQ: Screen Sharing


No more rule breakers at your webinars! You can either warn an attendee or blacklist one forever.

Don't waste your time with spammers. Block them. Focus on attendees who are interested in your webinar.

Preparing the First Webinar. Short Guide


Assess knowledge of your students using online tests, track their results and progress.

Don’t add more than 6 answers to test questions. When there are too many options, attendees can get confused.

7 Ways to Develop Extremely Effective eLearning Content


Your logo and banner will be a perfect fit for the webinar interface and will work for image sustaining.

Select the background. Let it be your brand logo or neutral monochrome background.

Webinar Branding: Importance and Benefits

Widespread coverage

We use datacenters compliant with the TIER III international level.
This ensures the best quality of broadcasting all over the world.

Check all equipment before the webinar starts. Optimize your Internet speed.

How to Create a Webinar

16 languages supported

The webinar room interface is available in 16 languages for the maximum convenience.

When planning a webinar for audiences from other cities and countries, consider the time zones and time differences.

Choosing Webinar Date. What Is the Best Time for a Webinar?

Invitation emails

Nobody will ever miss your webinars. Setup dispatch of invitations and reminders to carefully selected users.

Send follow up emails before the webinar so that attendees don't forget about it.

Webinar Follow-Up Email: Tips and Tricks

Check your Internet speed

Simultaneously, 10 presenters can broadcast with their webcams on, although this requires good Internet connectivity. Check the speed of the connection between your device and our closest server. See more.

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