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No registration or commitment needed. Adjust the interface using your corporate colors. See what your logo or avatar looks like.

Computer configuration check.

Please press the button "Test my computer" to start the application that would check your computer's possibilities and its Internet connection.

Visit open webinars

which we are holding now at MyOwnConference webinars platform.  No special software needs to be installed onto a PC to participate in a webinar.  You can view a webinar directly from the web browser.

Show me webinars list

One or several

Invite webinar participants or other presenters to the dialog. Up to 10 presenters can broadcast simultaneously.


Instant messages that webinar participants can exchange allow presenters to get feedback and direct the webinar.

Display of keynotes

Demonstration of presentations and materials improves perception of the webinar by its participants.

Webinar recording

Record the broadcast and download it in the MP4 container. Publish the recording in social networks and the webinar will work for you even after the actual broadcast.

Video demonstration

Both uploaded and Youtube videos can be streamed.

Screen sharing

Share your computer's screen with the participants and increase training effectiveness by several times.

Blocking attendees

No more rule breakers at your webinars. You can either warn an attendee or blacklist one forever.


Assess knowledge of the attendees using online tests, track the results and progress of your students.

16 languages supported

The dashboard and wbianr room interfaces are available in 16 languages for the maximum convenience.

Integration with websites

Add a special integration code to your website and invite friends to your page for their further participation in webinars.

Registration pages

Use a special constructor and create neatly designed registration pages for your webinars.

Direct mailing

Nobody will ever miss your webinars. Setup dispatch of invitations and reminders to the registered users.


Your logo and banner will be a perfect fit for the webinar interface and will work for image sustaining.

MyOwnConference works with popular applications

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