Give Everyone a Chance to Attend

Access anywhere

No installation is required. Join in one click from any device. Just the way it should be.

For the best experience, we recommend the latest browser. But don’t worry, you likely already have it!

Fancy some tips on running a successful webinar?

Check out our 17 rules here

Automated email sequences

Want to maximize attendance? Setup automated email invites and reminders in seconds.

People are lazy, make joining hassle-free.

Email can be powerful. Check out our MUST do’s to maximise attendance here.

16 languages supported

We bring people together. 16 interface languages should have you covered.

Choose the time of your webinar carefully. Timezone consideration is key.

Not sure when? See our guide on the best time for a webinar.

Keep Everyone Connected

Multiple speakers

Broadcast up to 10 presenters/attendees at once for a collaborative experience. Give everyone the chance to speak.

Want the best webinar experience?

Check out our top etiquette tips here.

Private messaging

Create a community vibe. Ask attendees questions or let them chat amongst themselves.

Pin your links to the top of the feed so they know exactly where to go.

Want to maximize the experience?

Check out our favorite suggestions here.

Worldwide coverage

Thousands of global attendees? No Problem. Never gear dropouts with 10 reputable data centers at TIER III standard, with 200 servers, and three cloud services.

Check all equipment before the webinar starts.

Check your internet speed here.

Control Your Space

Make it yours

White label your webinar. Add your banner and logo for a bespoke feel.

Don’t have time? No Problem. We have a range of backgrounds to choose from.

Webinar Branding: Importance and Benefits.

Command the room

Worried that “one person” will ruin the webinar? Send warnings or blacklist attendees forever.

Sounds harsh, but the option is great to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

Preparing the First Webinar. Short Guide.

Record now, share later

Ever had that feeling “wow, that went really well”. But don’t fancy doing it again? That’s what recording’s for.

Record in SD, HD, or Full HD. With full control over which elements inside the room you capture.

See our full recording guide here.

The Immersive Experience You Imagined

Document sharing

Share documents, slides, or anything you fancy. Make your webinar exciting. Just try not to go overboard with distracting animations!

We can show you exactly how to create an engaging presentation right here.

Video sharing

Broadcast videos seamlessly. We support youtube or traditional uploads.

Remember, you want to keep attendees engaged. Try to limit videos to 3 to 5 minutes.

7 Most Popular Types of Visual Content to Use in Your Webinars.

Screen Sharing

Got something to explain? Invite them in with fully immersive screen sharing.

Make sure to mute all notifications to avoid interruptions.

See our common FAQ’s on Screen Sharing here.

Tests and Surveys

Assess knowledge of your attendees. Fully trackable, with results and live progress.

As a rule, try not to exceed 6 answers per question. Too many can cause confusion.

See our guide on 7 Ways to Develop Extremely Effective eLearning Content.

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Check your system and connection

Yes, 10 presenters can broadcast simultaneously. But it’s always worth a check to avoid embarrassing mishaps. Check the system settings and speed of your connection below. (Decipher your results here).

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