Webinar Recording. How to record a webinar?

One-click recording directly to MP4 with cloud-stored and ready for sharing after. We support 720p, 1080p, UHD, and 4K recordings depending on your needs, with no more headaches with the installation; we do recordings directly on our servers.

Why should we do a webinar recording?

Ever had that feeling, «wow, that went well.» But don't fancy doing it again? Webinar recording lets you capture successful meetings with no extra software needed. Then you will share a link with other attendees later, make social video snippets, or create videos for a prize course. So get creative with your content.

It's Easy.

  1. Sign in to the meeting room and start your webinar.
  2. Click on the «record» button in the top left corner.
  3. Once you have ended the meeting, the recordings are sent straight to your MyOwnConference account.
  4. Download and share or watch online from there later.

What are the benefits of the webinar recordings?

One-click MP4 recordings, an in-built recordings editor, secure sharing, and uploading to YouTube. No software installation is required.

Tight on storage? All recordings are written straight to your MyOwnConference account and stored on our cloud with secure sharing later.

Long meeting? No problem. Record up to 10 hours continuously at a time and with automatic recordings for plans over 300 seats.

The recording is possible from any OS and browser. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android are supported.

Make sharing hassle-free. Download the MP4, edit, change, and share the link to the recording or upload it to YouTube.

You choose what to capture to include in your recording. From bare audio recording to whole branded meeting room recording.

With unlimited MP4 recording and complete control over it to secure sharing with protected access or upload to YouTube for a vast audience. We already have a built-in feature for secure access to your recordings when you share them. What will you create?

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