Secure Screen Sharing

Demonstrate your screen to other attendees for effective webinars, presentations and distance learning.

What's this?

Screen sharing is a convenient feature that allows you to demonstrate your desktop picture to other users in real-time. It offers a possibility to show pictures, tables, files, app workflows — virtually anything that can be put onto your desktop during the broadcasting.

How does it work?

  1. Register for free at MyOwnConference to get started
  2. Install and launch the specialized screen sharing app onto your computer
  3. Enter your webinar room into the "Documents" section, proceed to "Screen Sharing" and press the "Start Screen Sharing" button

What advantages of using screen sharing during a webinar?

You can demonstrate documents without sharing access

E-learning and remote work gets more effective

You can show your documents without sharing access to them with anyone

Your attendees do not need to install any additional apps

You can show any workflow on your desktop in real-time

Specialized encryption allows for safe screen sharing

It is in your power to let your attendees easily perceive the new information or instruction by following your actions on the screen. Share screen to your attendees with the best webinar platform ever MyOwnConference.

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