Screen sharing

Sharing your screen to your company for effective webinars

What's this?

Screen sharing is a convenient feature that allows for broadcasting the view of your desktop to other users – and all this in real time. It offers you a possibility to show photos, tables, files, apps operation, anything that is shown on your computer’s desktop during the session – to all attendees.

What are advantages of using it?

Visual instructions on apps installation or working with them.

No need to worry that some files are not uploaded to the webinar hosting.

Just open it on your computer or on Google Drive, for example, in order to demonstrate it to the attendees.

You will no longer need to make screenshots of all stages of working with the website.

With screen sharing, you can demonstrate any process live in real time.

Learning gets faster and far more effective.

You can show your projects and documents without sharing access to them with anyone.

Your attendees do not need to install additional software to their computers in order to join the session.

How does it work?

  1. Register for free at the website of MyOwnConference.
  2. Install special software for screen sharing to your computer and run it.
  3. Enter the webinar room and press the button “Screen”.

You can make it so that all attendees of your online conference perceive new information or instructions with pleasure while watching your actions on the screencast.

Check how it works

Make certain that sharing your screen is effective and useful for your attendees

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