Online training

Make your course affordable and profitable at the same time — offer your classes in an online room.

What’s this?

Online training is an effective form of distance learning. Companies, educational establishments, and tutors choose online training for teaching their staff and students all over the world. This distance learning makes it possible to have any classes over the Internet. Compiling your own course at an online training platform lets you teach even several thousands of students simultaneously.

How does it work?

  1. Prepare and create online training on your dashboard.
  2. Send out invitation links to the participants.
  3. Upload the required materials.
  4. Hold your training, invite any attendee or presenter to the discussion.
  5. Organize tests and use other tools to make your online training more effective and breathtaking.

Advantages of online training

Presentations, videos, tests turn online training into an effective experience.

You can easily track the success of your students and communicate with them.

Online training is cost-effective and is irreplaceable for holding staff workshops.

Due to online training, students can study effectively and at an affordable cost.

You can hold your webinar once and then create an online class on its basis.

You can organize and hold online training from a laptop or even a smartphone.

If you are a coach or a tutor, if you are working in the realm of HR or developing your own brand, try it out and experience all the benefits that online training combines – effectiveness and convenience, organizational simplicity and profitability.

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