Video con­fer­enc­ing

Getting people together takes time and resources. Host a video conference in seconds.

What's video conferencing?

Picture this, you send a link for parties to click, they join, and everyone's there. Video conferencing provides the perfect solution for remote presentations, brainstorms, and meetings. Host up to 10 speakers with thousands of global attendees.

How does it work?

  1. Plan and create a meeting
  2. Send invites to speakers and attendees
  3. Upload your resources (presentations, files, or quizzes)
  4. Click "start" and welcome everyone in
  5. Maximize productivity with the "conference toolbox"

What are the benefits?

Big conference? No problem. Broadcast up to 10 presenters simultaneously.

10X your productivity. Work on documents together live in the meeting.

Host anytime, anywhere with 99.98% uptime. Always look professional.

Enter the new era. Forget travel expenses and venues, and office spaces.

No more "sorry I'm late." Join in one click from any device and browser.

No installation is required. Join in one click from any device and browser.

Planning a meeting, presentation, or brainstorm? Forget venue hire and travel expenses. Video conferencing provides a professional, hassle-free alternative for global reach.

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