Video conferencing

Gather your team from remote offices together and turn your webinar room into conference hall

What’s this?

Using the webinar hosting for video conferences, you can hold a meeting, presentation of some brainstorming. Number of attendees is limited by the volume of your package only, while concurrent video broadcasting is available from up to 10 speakers.

What are advantages of using it?

Video streaming from up to 10 presenters simultaneously.

Collaborative work on documents.

Saving funds and time, as there is no more need to rent premises or pay travelling allowance to employees from different offices.

You can hold video conferences from anywhere and always look professional.

Nobody is going to be late – due to availability of a mobile app anyone can join the meeting on time.

How does it work?

  1. Plan and create a meeting.
  2. Send invitation links to speakers and attendees.
  3. Upload required materials.
  4. Hold your meeting and invite any attendee to conversation.
  5. Use other features of the webinar room to make your video conference more effective.

Looking for holding a meeting, a brief or a presentation of your new product with no extra efforts, while keeping the event’s high level?

Take an opportunity of the advantages that you get when using video conferencing.

Check how it works

High quality connection, numerous useful tools and ease of use is all you need for productive meetings and creative decisions.

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