Want to know opinions of attendees, offer a test or “wake up” the group? Make a poll!

What's this?

Survey is an effective means of interaction with your attendees. Due to tests and surveys you will be able to gather the necessary information about your clients, and their preferences, get feedback about the services you offer or check how your students mastered the material.

What are advantages of using this?

Polls and tests can be quickly and easily created both from the dashboard and the webinar room, even when your webinar is running

Create fast polls and tests with one or multiple correct answers, open questions, tasks for sentences creation. Add pictures and give points

Conduct surveys and tests simultaneously with your presentation or any other mode activated in your room. Leave your test running in the room for the students to be able to take it even after the class

Download and view survey results

Convenient statistics for the group and personal results of every attendee

How does it work?

  1. You can create a survey both from your dashboard and from your webinar room by a single press on “Launch poll” button
  2. Write your question and several options for answering it. You can change the number of options at any time
  3. Place the answer options in the order you like and save the poll
  4. Launch your poll. After this, users will see a window with the survey. It will disappear only when the user selects one of the suggested options
  5. Learn the results

You can create an unlimited number of surveys and tests, edit them and save the results in a suitable format. Polls will make your webinars interactive and intriguing, while tests are sure to increase the level of efficiency of your classes.

Check how it works

Attract attention of your audience by asking interesting questions – involved attendees will definitely want to learn more.

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