FAQ: Webinar Recording on MyOwnConference

webinar recording

The webinar recording function is used by up to 95% of broadcast organizers. Files with broadcast recordings are sent to attendees, reviewed, used as video classes and sold. No wonder webinar organizers do get questions on making quality recordings fitting their aims.

How are recordings stored? Is there any limit?

Recording meetings are stored within our service from 5 to 180 days. It depends on your tariff plan.

period webinar recording

Size of files in the general cloud storage is not taken into account.

How can I record a webinar so that video from the webinar presenter’s webcam is in full-screen mode, but not in a small window?

Now, a webinar is recorded in 2 files. The first one contains everything happening during the webinar broadcasting — keynotes shown, screen shared, presenter video. The other file contains just video from the presenter’s webcam.

Where is the webinar recording saved and how can I send it to the attendees?

Webinar recordings are stored in your account in the Webinar recordings section.

There are 3 main ways to send them to attendees:

  • Coping link to the recorded webinar.
  • Saving the file to your computer and sending it over email.
  • Adding it to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive using your account and share the link afterwards.

remote repository

During webinars, we play video from time to time. When recording is viewed, a black screen is seen instead of the video that was actually played. Why?

Recording a webinar does not include the video and sound files broadcasted at the webinar, as well as videos from YouTube, because of the absence of direct and related copyright for these materials. That is why videos should better be provided to attendees separately, together with webinar recordings.

If webinar organizers get an Internet connection interruption during broadcasting, will conference recording be saved?

When the connection error lasts for several seconds, webinar recording will continue automatically. If Internet outage was longer, a recording will consist of two parts. Later, they can be merged using any video editing software.

Moreover, for pricing plans with up to 300 attendees, the automatic recording function is activated. It allows you to record webinars even if the presenter has not pressed the Record button.



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