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Great new here! MyOwnConference has got major changes in the webinar recording functionality. From now on, you are free to select the quality you would like to use while recording your webinars. Three formats are available: SD, HD and Full HD.

What do SD, HD and Full HD mean?

All three abbreviations stand for the video formats. Nevertheless, every of them has got one’s own peculiarities.

SD (Standard Definition) is a video format with the picture resolution of 720×576 pixels. Taking into account the the picture quality depends on the number of pixels directly, while this format has got the minimum quality of pixels its quality is going to be not really high.

HD (High Definition) is a video format with clearer picture and the resolution of 1280×720. Clearer picture is achieved by increasing the picture resolution (number of pixels). This is why the HD format is widely regarded as a high definition format.

Full HD is the same HD format, yet its picture resolution is 1920×1080, which is 5 times higher than SD. When using Full HD, you will have the best and the most realistic picture quality.

What format to use?

The SD format is gradually going out of fashion, although it results in smaller sizes of files, and this makes sharing files with colleagues and attendees easier. It is a perfect fit when you make your presentation with no webcam and demonstrate keynote slides only, or when you record only the presenter’s webcam.

The HD format is a universal one. It can be used with any webinar modes. With MyOwnConference, this video format is set to be the default one.

With Full HD you will get the best picture quality, but be ready to the large sizes of files. This suits for recording webinars that will further be used for creating online courses or brand videos. The Full HD mode is available only to paid customers.

Recording quality settings?

Go to your dashboard. In the Webinar Rooms section, press the Settings button.


Select the Global Settings tab. Go down the list of options and see the Recording Quality option. Select one of the available variants.

Recording Quality

In the same popup, you will be able to set other recording options, e.g. include the chat into recording or exclude it. The same can be selected regarding the present name and the list of attendees:

webinar recording

We would advise you to log in to your dashboard and set the recording quality that fits your needs better. If you have any questions, get in touch with us via our online consultant or email support@myownconference.com

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