How to Hold a Paid Webinar?

paid webinar

Paid or closed webinars are perfect for online training and consultation. They are indispensable for tutors or teachers, consultants, coaches that provide their services through the Internet. Here we will talk about how to organize and hold a paid webinar.

Preparation of closed webinar it is the same thing as an organization of free events: organizer or presenter should prepare a presentation, make a page for registration of participants, spread the information about the event and check equipment.

But there are some issues in preparation of closed webinar. For example, participants have to pay for the webinar. In addition, it is necessary to restrict the access to the webinar room so only those who have paid could take part in the event.

How to hold a paid webinar in MyOwnConference?

It is important to mention that the service does not accept money from participants. Therefore, the event organizers need to take payment by themselves. To do this you can use special services for Internet payments.

If you want to hold a closed webinar in MyOwnConference, you need to create a password for webinar room or create unique links for each participant.

Create a password

You can create a password for webinar room in the control panel. Choose “Settings” to do this. In the “General” tab, enter the password for the webinar in the appropriate box and save your changes.


Create unique links

Unique (personal) link – a link to webinar using which only one participant can go to the webinar room. Special checking system will not let another user go to this webinar.

You can create a unique link in “Webinar room“. To do this, click the button “Generate” in the line “You can generate unique links to the webinar.”

Enter the full name or list of participants whom you want to invite to the webinar. You should indicate the name of each participant in a separate line. Click “Generate” when you’re done.

Copy the links that that appear in front of each participant.

unique links
You can limit the duration of links if it’s necessary. So the link will be available only during the stipulated period of time.

Send letters with password and unique link to participants

You can send an email to each participant using regular mail service (Gmail, Yahoo), or use MyOwnConference.

You can work with emails in in “Invitations” in the control panel. Also, you can add people you want to send an email to “Subscribers“. In “Messages” you can create a letter and add a signature, sender’s name and email address in “Settings“.

If you have any questions about the preparation of a paid webinar, write us in online consultant and email





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