How to Promote Your Event on Instagram


Instagram a social network, with emphasis on a visual content: photos, images and short videos. 300 million people visit it daily. Instagram is used to promote brands, products, personalities and events.

How to start promoting events on Instagram? If on Facebook is better to create a separate page for event promotion, on Instagram it is not expedient. That’s because this social network does not have special tools that would link an event page with the main page. That means that you will have to promote an event page separately as if you promote a new page. This will require a lot of time and efforts, so it is best to use an existing account.

There are possible methods of promotion on Instagram:

1. Creating a hashtag for an event

Hashtag a word or phrase with a hash symbol (#) in the beginning. They are used to identify the main idea of a message. Hashtags make publications visible to other users who are interested in a specific theme.

The users use hashtags actively on Instagram. So come up with an individual hashtag for your event, so that people can keep following all your messages of an upcoming event. Do not forget to include in your presentation or handouts a name of your hashtag so the participants of the event could add it to their publications.

2. Information about an event

Tell subscribers about an upcoming event. Except for text, you need to add an image on Instagram primarily people pay attention to this. This may be a presenter’s photo, photos from previous events or themed images. Also, you can add a description with a date and title of the webinar on the picture.

Remind about the events one time every few days. Doing this you will increase the number of users who see information about the event.

3. Working with opinion leaders

As on any other social network, Instagram has authoritative users or opinion leaders. If they recommend a product, brand or event, the subscribers can respond to such publications not only with Like and Share but also with bid and purchase. Therefore, marketers all over the world actively cooperate with opinion leaders.

You can contact an authority user and agree on a publication directly or by using special services. It is cheaper to place directly. The services, in addition to payment for opinion leaders, take other fees, but with the help of filters they can help you quickly find a right blogger and resolve possible conflicts. The example of such services: BlaBlaBlogger.

4. Ad

Ad on Instagram is configured on Facebook advertising office. The entire process goes in several steps.

Ads Manager

Go to your account on Facebook. Click on “Create ad” in the left column.


Choose a purpose for promotion considering your tasks. We must admit that not all aims are suitable for advertising on Instagram. Only 6 of them are supported:



Come up with a name of the ad campaign.


Specify demographics of users whom you want to show your ad. You can filter the audience by age, gender, location and language.



The ad is displayed on Facebook, Instagram and applications of Audience Network by default. If you want to limit a display of ad only on Instagram, select “Edit placement”. Remove a checkmark in front of Facebook and Audience Network.


Budget and schedule

Specify a budget and schedule according to which your ad will be shown.



Choose the ad format. Add a text and images.


That is all. Your advertisement is sent for moderation. After approval, it will be shown on Instagram.

5. Let’s sum up

Instagram does not provide statistics on a user profile. Therefore, you need to use third-party services to understand how effective your event promotion on this social network was. For example Iconosquare, HootSuite, InstaFollow or others.

Bottom line. Although Instagram does not have special functions for event promotion, nevertheless it is well suited for this purpose. Among free methods to announce periodically an event on personal or business account and promote with hashtags. The most common paid ways: work with opinion leaders and ad.






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