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Headquartered in Vilnius, MyOwnConference provides webinars, auto webinars, web conferencing, and online training. Global clients practice MyOwnConference service in teaching & learning, sales, business, marketing, and HR.

Webinar and Video Conferencing Platform

With 100+ tools and features for webinars, quality audio and video streams, six advantageous tariffs, the possibility of creating a corporate identity, and much more, clients appreciate MyOwnConference. The company uses only high-quality hosting and reliable servers, which guarantee uninterrupted work with the platform.

Unlike many conference services, MyOwnConference doesn’t limit the functionality of different tariff plans. This means 100+ functions are open in all pricing plans. In addition, the client can conduct any number of webinars in the paid period.

MyOwnConference vends its products and services, undeviatingly through its sales force and service providers.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Dmytro Pereuda, the founder and the CEO of MyOwnConference, to know more about the software and its features.

Starting with the interview, Dmytro explains that MyOwnConference is a complete video conferencing and webinar solution. It does well in leading the market with an uptime of 99.98%, hosting up to 10,000 attendees in many meetings at once.

Talking about the objective behind coming up with this software, Dmytro mentions that he wanted to create a solution with something that would facilitate meetings and help thousands of people communicate in a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way with a significant goal, simplicity, and intuition.

MyOwnConference has conducted 1M+ webinars a year with 3.5M+ invitations a month and 99.8% insanely reliable uptime. Using this software, business people can remain tension-free about dropouts with ten reputable data centers at TIER-III standard, 200 servers, and three cloud services. Attendees can watch from handheld devices without any installation needed.

Moreover, it supports 16 different languages according to a convenient time. The software supports broadcast up to 10 presenters/attendees at once for a collaborative experience.

Dmytro also explains that the software introduces a whole new world. He continues explaining by mentioning that when people think of video conferencing these days, it’s usually in this model where everyone talks to everyone simultaneously. But using this software, they can focus on a lecture format of broadcasts where 1-3 speakers speak simultaneously.

As many businesses move towards a more digitally connected set-up, online, real-time collaboration through a web browser is getting more attention. So during this pandemic, business owners can take advantage of the virtual world to build, and train teams across geographies.

Entrepreneurs can improve engagement and productivity with limited resources, time, and money. MyOwnConference helps businesses connect via a web conferencing application that offers many advantages over traditional audio conferencing solutions.

The software makes it easy for clients to arrange meetings, training, presentations, and conferencing through the internet cost-effectively.

Using this software, business people can precisely work with the audience, with lecture format, enabling webinar listeners to listen to the presenter and do the most practical tasks.

Dmytro also emphasizes that the pandemic led to travel restrictions, increased the number of contingent workforces, and enabled online businesses to support geographically distributed remote teams technologically.

Ergo, MyOwnConference gives a reliable possibility for real-time collaboration when businesses strive to bring multiple departments together to time the market. Its usage is to support interactive learning in educational settings.

Thus, GoodFirms researchers have labeled MyOwnConference as one of the best web conferencing software with such functionality, usage, and quality.

In conclusion, Dmytro divulges that they have supported programs like Captera, Crowd, and others and have obtained excellent ratings. But getting ratings is not the primary goal. The major goal is to meet the users’ needs and the company seems to be enjoying significant results at this front as approximately 80% of the users are repeat customers. Most of them have been with MyOwnConference from 2014-2015.

Dmytro cites that he noticed that if people like anything, they stay with it for the long term. Ergo, MyOwnConference has had many customers for several years. The professionals also try to make things easy for the users by providing all necessary instructions: text user guides, video tutorials, the whole deal. Most importantly, the experts have built super-effective tech support to help users always.

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