5 payment gateways and methods for your next webinar

Payment gateways and methods for your next webinar

Since the pandemic, a lot has changed, and the payment gateways have boomed with a strong thrust. You will see online transactions everywhere.

What Are Paid Webinars?

People hardly carry cash with them these days. Every small to big business is on an online platform. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can incorporate such payment gateways into your webinar.

Webinars aren’t something new. These are the same as campaigns you might have attended at your school. Webinars are online events generally used by companies for marketing purposes. It’s one of the effective methods to attract an audience. This way, you also create your virtual presence in seminars or conferences. Through webinars, you can also gather more leads.

A lot of webinars are primarily free. There are some types where the organizing party also takes charge of their audience if they want to attend their webinar. Webinars are paid when:

  • There’s some knowledgeable, valuable information regarding anything that is going on.
  • Rather than in-person training sessions when online sessions need to be conducted.
  • If there’s a need for additional support related to any technical issue.
  • If there’s a need for exclusive information delivery related to any organization or company.

So these are paid webinars, and people/audiences pay for such webinars through the following payment gateway the webinars are using.

5 trusted payment gateways

If you are charging for your webinars, you need to use a trusted payment gateway method at the channel of your transaction. This section of the article will discuss some of the famous payment gateways you can use for your webinar payment mode. So here are five trusted payment gateways:

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the renowned eCommerce payment platforms. It’s one of the top-rated payment getaways in the entire globe. You can send and receive money quickly from anywhere globally; all it requires is your email address. PayPal operates in 203 countries globally, supporting credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, Citibank, American Express, etc.

2. Amazon Pay

You might have heard about Amazon multiple times. It’s an online e-commerce website people use worldwide. Amazon has various buyers all around the globe. Amazon has introduced Amazon Pay which, by its name, is also a payment gateway. It is a secure payment solution and is easy to use.

3. RazorPay

There are more than 300 million users who have a satisfactory user experience. RazorPay is a worldwide used online transaction application/platform. It is India’s first full-stack financial solution company. Readers looking for a trusted transaction platform can use it in their webinar.

4. Spay

Spay is a new payment gateway platform in the market, but they have increased their user’s trust with lightning blot speed. Even your parents who do not know how to use such online transaction applications can also use them easily. Therefore, they will be able to do all translations their own.

5. Payza

Looking for a transaction platform that can offer you a convenient, secure, and fast payment solution? Here’s your solution. Payza has multiple users with personal and business accounts with more extensive and complex requirements.

Types of payment methods

Just organizing paid webinar is not won’t do any good. It would be best if you offer your users the easiest way through which they can collect fees. Let’s see what methods you should follow to have a successful paid webinar.

Connect your payment gateway to your webinar application through an API

You can connect your preferred payment gateway and your webinar account with the help of an application programming interface (API). If you have or hire a team in such a department, then you might be able to form a custom API connection. On the other hand, if you have zero knowledge of coding, you can also take help from automation tools, and from there, you will be able to use API integration which will help you with payment gateways. This way, if your registrants pay through one of your chosen gateways, afterward, your automation tool will take care of the rest. This will also help them with signing up for the webinar.

Collect registrations and payments

Connect Your Payment Gateway

The next step is collecting the webinar fee. For this, you must build an online form that will take all the necessary details of interested joiners and redirect them to the payment page. Some platforms provide connections with more than 30-plus popular payment gateways and multiple payment options on your forms. This won’t cost any additional transaction fees.

Now you can have your payment collection and issue a webinar registration form which will collect all details like the registrant’s name, company name, and email address. Then, at last, add payment buttons for your chosen gateways. This way, you can send the webinar confirmation to those who paid the fee, followed by the date of the webinar and all other related details.

Use event management software

With the help of event management software, you can promote your events virtually. You can take registrations, can accept online payments, etc. Every event platform supports different payment gateways, so you must look for your preferred gateway option before enrolling. You can make your listing related to the webinar and take payment as a part of the registration process.

The final thought

Online payment transactions are the most accessible method through which you can do all your transactions. Of course, you will find multiple ways in the web work, but the list we have included in our article is some of the best payment gateways we have included. Last hope, after reading the following article, you get what you might be looking for.

You can also charge your audience to attend your webinars, which could be a source of income. So under this article, read about the types of gateways and methods you can use for your next webinar.

Our webinar platform empowers you to conduct paid webinars with ease, providing a seamless payment collection service to enhance your revenue. This premium feature is a special offering available with our paid subscriptions.

What are the most trusted payment gateways?

The most famous gateways are PayPal, Amazon Pay, RazorPay, Spay and Payza. You can use any of them for your webinar payment mode.

What is the sense of paid webinars?

If you organize webinars you can also charge your audience to attend your webinars, which could be a source of income.

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