7 Most Popular Business Webinars Types

Most Popular Business Webinars Types

In today’s business world, the importance of webinars cannot be ignored. If you are researching on how to organize the perfect business webinar for your team or partners, then you should not look too far.

Webinar is New Brand for Your Business

This article will help you identify the 7 most popular business webinar types to follow, and how they fit into your purpose.

Business Branding Webinar

The importance of creating brand awareness is more crucial than ever in running a successful business today. What a webinar does is to increase awareness of your brand. This is done by showing solutions your business offers to customers.

A few things to note with branding webinar are:

  • Display your company’s logo in the background or strategically on the shared screen.
  • Acknowledge the new market paradigm shift in your niche.
  • Establish what your team has in place to adapt to this paradigm smoothly.
  • Keep an authoritative tone.
  • There should be room for limited questions.
  • Ensure the audio and lighting is near-perfect(a good impression will go a long way).

Product Display/Demonstration Webinars

Now, this is one of the most popular webinar types we see today in the business world. It’s mostly used when a company has new products in the market and want to educate potential clients on how the product works.

product demonstration

It’s basically for demonstration purposes and a chance to show users how a product functions and why it’s different from similar products by your competitors.

Using product display webinars, you can easily leave an impression on the technical know-how of your product and display expert knowledge of your company’s product.

Think of this type of business webinar as a demo, which means that you have to keep things simple and technically uncomplicated.

Lead Generation Webinars

Just as the name suggests, this webinar should be an avenue to attract new leads and potential customers to your company. Try not to sell your products or services in lead generation webinars because that might hurt the purpose.

However, this webinar should be packed with educational materials related to your brand or business. Your audience should be able to perceive that you are knowledgeable in this field, which will allow them to be naturally drawn to your business.

Lead generation webinar

Customers want to know that business owners have a sound knowledge of their products and can answer technical questions about the product or service. This shows that you are credible and worth learning from regarding the solution your business has to offer.

Always remember that you are targeting new customers, and your tone should be authoritative yet conversational. If you want to reach a wider audience, possibly with potential leads of foreign languages, then use fast translation services like The Word Point to help you reach your new audience error-free.

Customer Retention Webinars

Unfortunately, it’s no longer enough to generate an endless number of leads for your business. You have to find creative ways to retain those leads and turn them into loyal, paying customers.

This webinar aims at increasing the trust customers have for your company. Here, customers get to learn about new products and services, the plans of your company and so much more.

Interview Webinars

This is also a popular type of business webinar. In this webinar, a presenter interview an industry expert.


This webinar aims to show the audience your business is staying in touch with the latest trends in the industry. A great way to facilitate this webinar is to ask your audience questions in advance, then tailor the interview in a way that answers the problems of your audience.

Panelist Discussion Webinars

This type of webinar is pretty similar to an interview webinar. However, the difference is that you are organizing a round-table panel talk with experts in various industries.

panelist discution

Again, you can use this webinar to stand out as a leader in your field. For example, you can answer questions or give your opinion on certain areas during the webinar. Before you proceed with this webinar, ensure that you have at least three or four experts to address various topics and how they affect your industry.

Q/A Webinars

Most business owners and entrepreneurs use Q/A webinars to bring more product awareness to the general public. The good thing with Q/A webinars is the accessibility it affords customers to your brand.

QA webinar

There are several ways to prepare for Q/A webinars. The popular methods are requesting questions and concerns in advance, then giving yourself adequate time to make detailed answers to these questions, or by being spontaneous with live questions from your audience and answering them on the spot.


Webinars offer tremendous benefits to businesses. It’s an excellent platform for a business to gain a competitive edge while saving time and money. If used correctly, it can help grow your business and increase profits. Hope, you will find webinar types that suit you best.

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