7 Tips For Promoting Your Online Webinar

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Holding a live seminar can be quite expensive. You need to look for the perfect location accessible for everyone and handle the number of your expected attendees. With that, you might want to look for other alternatives that allow you to hold seminars but save you money at the same time. As such, a webinar is one of your best options.

Gather More Attendees to Webinar

A webinar is an online seminar that happens through a special software. The host can provide audiovisuals and allow the audience to see the host through its web camera. While hosting a webinar can provide convenience for everyone as they no longer need to step out of their home, promoting one can be quite challenging.

With that, listed below are the tips on how you can promote your webinar.

Improve SEO quality indicators

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a practice that helps redirect traffic into a website without the need for a paid advertising. Usually, SEO involves the use of keywords that people typically look for in search engines. When you have a blog post that includes those keywords, there’s a higher possibility that they’ll be able to see your webinar.

You can SEO-optimize the website where you plan to host your webinar. While that can be challenging, especially if you’re a beginner, you can choose to hire an SEO agency to get the job done for you. They’ll arrange everything on your end, and you can expect an increase in audience for the next few days.

Create A Teaser Video

video production

Movies are preceded by trailers, which aim to get people hooked. They showcase highlights of what to expect and add thrill and excitement, making them want to watch the movies. You can do the same with your webinar.

With your webinar, you can create a teaser video that features what you plan to discuss with your audience. You should include what you’ll share and what they’ll learn after your seminar. You can also showcase your previous webinar reviews, how many people attended it, and how they enjoyed it. This is the best time to brag about your previous success humbly.

Add Your Webinar To Your Email Signature

If you want to utilize your emails to a maximum level, you should include the webinar to your email signature by promoting it subtly. This way, you’re not pushing anyone to attend your webinar, but just letting them know that you’re having one. And, if it interests them, they could join in.

When they see that you’ve included your webinar in the email that you’ve sent, they’ll automatically have the impression that you intend to invite them in and would highly consider joining.

You can add the link at your signature that redirects them to your webinar home page, where they can have the information as to what your webinar is all about and how they can register. This is a cost-free and effective way to promote your webinar.

Promote At The Right Time

right time

If you’re planning to promote your webinar through paid advertising, you need to ensure that you intend to release them out to the public at the right time to guarantee the success of the registration and attendees.

Ideally, you should promote your webinar at least one week before the live date. This will allow the people to verify their schedules beforehand and see if they’re available to attend or have other commitments. Along with this, not only will you be increasing your registrations, but people would be present at your webinar as they remember the day when it’ll go live.

Promote Your Webinar Daily Through Social Media

To allow people to be aware of your webinar, you should post about it on your social media accounts. You don’t need to pay for advertisements to promote, but you just need to keep your followers updated about your webinar. You can post about one key highlight each day or have a daily countdown.

When promoting your webinar, you should try to add photos as much as possible to entice your audience better. People prefer to read through an image rather than reading lengthy paragraphs as it no longer interests them. When adding text to your photos, keep it minimal and avoid overcrowding the picture with text.

Team Up With Influencers


To increase your chances of gathering more audience for your webinar, you might want to consider teaming up with influencers or big brands that can help you promote your webinar. When a popular entity announces your webinar, more people would be aware of your online seminar and would most likely consider attending yours.

When teaming up with influencers, ensure that you try to keep the way they promote your webinar. This means that you provide a script that they could copy and paste, and then post on their accounts. With busy influencers, they probably have limited time studying your webinar and how they’d be able to compose a detailed caption as to how your webinar is going to be.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Paid Advertising

One of the most effective ways to reach numerous audiences is by running a paid advertising campaign that targets specific audiences you think would be interested in attending your webinar.

To allow your campaign to be effective, ensure that you have an eye-catching photo that automatically grabs a person’s attention when they pass by your ad. Along with this, you should try to keep up with the tone of your promotional ad. If you’re conducting a webinar about basic makeup tutorials, you should try to keep your photo light, fun, and elegant at the same time.

Furthermore, you should know how to target your audience well by learning the right strategies on who you should include based on their age, location, and interests. Along with this, you need to set the right budget as well. You just need to ensure that you keep your eye on your ad’s progress to see if it’s effective, or you’re just wasting a few bucks.


While hosting a webinar is already challenging, promoting it can be tougher. You need to gather as much audience as possible to gather more attendees, allowing your webinar to succeed. With the right tools, you should host a successful webinar, while keeping in mind that a good ad copy will bring you to places.

Dan Daemon
Dan Daemon

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