Weekly Webinars

Weekly webinar

Modern businesses organize weekly webinars for their existing and prospective audiences quite often. Why do companies manage them so frequently? Why is it so important? What goals do they pursue? A weekly webinar must bring considerable benefits if companies spend so much time and money on them.

Why Do Companies Organize Webinar So Often

Obviously, every business owner wants more profits and a better reputation for their company. So they spend a lot of time and effort trying to find optimal ways to increase their net worth and achievements. It is where weekly webinars come into play.

In addition, a weekly webinar is a popular way of improving the staff’s knowledge and productivity. There is no doubt that by doing them frequently, for example, every week, business owners benefit significantly.

Let’s consider some reasons why companies should be encouraged to organize weekly webinars:

1. Frequent Exposure to Your Brand

Companies that organize weekly webinars stay the focus of attention all the time. As a consequence, their customers and partners remain committed.

The number of new clients increases as people choose brands that are more familiar to them rather than relatively unknown ones. This principle of brand awareness is a commonly accepted fact in advertising. Thus, weekly webinars lead to the popularization of products, ideas, or services and, as a result, ramp up sales.

For example, presenters like Lewis Howes discuss the importance of regular online events in new list building. But think about it, every time you host a webinar, you get to have more people discover your brand and add to your customer base.

With weekly webinars, you expand your market share every seven days, which helps your promotion efforts tremendously.

2. Providing Educational Value to Customers

The online world is full of diverse companies, products, and services. As a result, it’s tough to stay on top and win over the market share.

Weekly webinars not only keep your audience exposed to your brand but also provide a value different to that of your competitors. In addition, they serve as a powerful lead generation magnet in the overcrowded business environment of today, where simply having a good proposition is no longer enough.

You must provide extra inbound value to your customers if you want them to choose you over your competitors.

For example, Knovel is a web analytics company that promotes its products by covering exciting and current topics in numerous webinar series.

Knovel webinar

They often gain significant traction and even go viral, as not only do they tackle complex engineering problems. But they also try to be the first to inform their users and potential prospects of the industry’s new trends, rules and regulations.

It’s a good idea to try various approaches, audiences or presentations to find the perfect strategy. Of course, not all weekly webinars will be successful. But with sufficient time and effort, you can reach the defined goals.

3. Evergreen Recordings and Continuous Profit

It should be noted that webinars can help businesses grow and profit even after they are over. While a banner or an ad stays fresh for so long, webinar recordings may generate organic traffic and convert leads into customers long after they’ve been held.

A good evergreen webinar can be automated and posted on your channels for free to continuously promote your product or service or for a fee if your content is what you primarily sell. Holding and recording webinars every week is a perfect way to ensure that your recordings stay fresh and relevant for the target audience.

Intercom webinar Image source: intercom.com

In addition, recordings of weekly webinars are an essential part of numerous promotional campaigns. They provide video content for social networks, email marketing, and landing pages. Excerpts from your weekly webinar or a full recording can serve as a lead magnet for potential customers or as a gift for your loyal audience.

4. Better Customer Service

Weekly webinars allow businesses to provide good customer service, which is key to the company’s success. For example, customers may often need help or clarification from the suppliers. Usually, when customers don’t find a satisfying response to their query, they look for different propositions.

Thus, business owners can use webinars to hype up and explain a new feature or update of their product or service. For example, companies like Wrike do webinars to regularly keep their users educated and interested in their software.

Wrike webinar Image source: wrike.com

Weekly webinars are thus great for addressing the questions and concerns of the existing audience and preventing them from switching to different products or services.

5. Keeping the Staff Updated

Many companies host a webinar for the staff weekly. They teach employees about new programs and approaches and announce company goals for the foreseeable future. However, issues arise all the time. Any delay in keeping people trained and informed may have disastrous consequences.

Weekly webinars help deal with problems promptly and improve teamwork and the working environment. In addition, by organizing weekly webinars, business owners foster a better community inside the companies and encourage all employees to work together to achieve the defined goals.

6. Building Efficient Business Relationships

Weekly webinars can help showcase the most up-to-date features of your product or service and, as a result, attract business partners who appreciate such punctuality and transparency. No wonder 55% of B2B content marketers implement webinars in their content strategy.

b2b marketer surveys Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

Weekly webinars enable companies to make relations with their business partners advantageous for both sides. For example, AWS allows its partners to create webinars on their websites. This way, AWS builds a good rapport with its partners, while the latter gets to offer their product or service on one of the most popular platforms in the world.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the reasons to do weekly webinars. If you do not charge for your events or have yet to grow your audience, your company can make more money off the affiliate partnerships.

7. Fresh Knowledge and Presentational Skills

The less obvious benefit of weekly webinars is a presenter’s personal growth and improvement.

When you need to host events so often, you get to stay abreast of the most relevant information in your field and receive regular feedback from your audience. Thus, you can improve your slides, materials, script, tone of voice, equipment, etc. As a result, it will be much easier for you to express yourself in meetings, interviews, and perhaps, even your own TED talk.

Based on the reasons listed above, it is evident that weekly webinars are a valuable tool for business owners in the management of all business processes:

  1. They broaden the scope of the audience interested in particular products and services.
  2. They improve the chances of forging new partnerships.
  3. Through weekly webinars, businesses stay in touch with their audience and partners, thus strengthening the market’s connections.
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