Platform Privacy Policy

We reliably protect and take responsibility for the security of our users' data and all data that we store and process. Platform MyOwnConference stores only data necessary for providing services, such as name or pseudonym, email address and IP address of the User.

MyOwnConference acknowledges the importance of data confidentiality that we process while providing services. The present document outlines our responsibilities regarding the personal data you provide us with. We adhere to the requirements of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EU (General Data Protection Regulation).

Your personal data are administered by Akovana LLC registered at Didžioji street 18, 01128 Vilnius, Lithuania.

We recommend looking through the present Privacy Policy from time to time and learn any possible changes it may have.

Data we collect

When you visit our website, account of webinar rooms, we can collect and store data about you that are required for quality services provision. For instance, we register static information about the date and time of last visit, as well as your individual preferences in the account and webinar rooms. At the same time, we try to minimize the amount of data that would be enough for quality services provision.

MyOwnConference collects and stores your personal data for the purpose of:

  • Providing you with relevant products and/or services;
  • Notifying you of other products and/or services.

Additionally, we may collect the following data:

  • First name and last name, in case you provide it;
  • Email address;
  • Registration address and bank details, in case you pay for our services in the name of a company;
  • Any additional data provided by you upon our request or your will, with confirmation of your consent for personal data processing.

How we process collected data

Your personal data will be used exclusively for providing you with the services of webinars, live streams and/or web conferences and webinars organization. We do not use these data for the purposes different from those you provided you consent at registration or when working with our online consultants. Also, MyOwnConference may send its publications and marketing information about our products and services, and track your interested in those, but only based on your consent provided at registration.

MyOwnConference may provide its employees and consultants with access to your personal data, but only those employees and consultants that require the data for servicing your account.

Personal data of webinar attendees

The MyOwnConference does not in any way process the data that our Users collect from webinar participants: position, phone number, Skype login, City, Country, etc.

Personal data of webinar attendees are administered by you. In this case, we only process and store the data as the entity you have entitled to process and store the data.

MyOwnConference neither uses nor distributes data of the User's webinar attendees but can provide technical support with their prior consent to processing personal data following the our Privacy Policy.

The attendee of our User's webinar has the right to add, amend, delete one's data from the MyOwnConference. For this purpose, a request shall be submitted to

Your rights regarding personal data we collect and store

MyOwnConference does its best to ensure personal data we collect and use are precise, current and complete. If you have noticed mistakes in your personal data or consider your provided personal data to be outdated, the data can be amended upon written request to email address or in the Profile section of your account.

You have the right to delete your personal data yourselves in the Profile section of your account or by writing us an email to

Account deletion is immediate. After deletion, it is impossible to restore the account, as well as your data, uploaded files, information on webinars etc.

Also, after the contract obligations are performed and our cooperation is over, your personal data will be deleted automatically within 180 days from the time of last use.

How we use cookies

Cookie are text files that are downloaded by a web browser and are stored on your desktop, smartphone or tablet when visiting our website. We use cookies for saving the user's session only.

Most web browsers support cookies automatically, but you can adjust the settings of your web browser and disable them completely. Yet, be informed that disabling cookies may interfere with the ability to make full use of our services.

Information we can get from our cookies:

  • The anonymized IP address of the User's computer;
  • Information on an operating system of the User (e.g., macOS or Windows);
  • Type and version of the web browser (e.g., Safari, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox);
  • Type of the User's device (e.g., smartphone, tablet or computer);
  • Date of last visit;

This information helps us to identify your habits and preferences when working with the website, account and webinar rooms, which in turn allows us to improve the quality of services we provide.

We use only session cookies. They are created when a User visits our website, authenticates itself in the account or the webinar room. Session cookies are stored as encrypted files on your computer and are automatically deleted 30 days after the last time you use our services. Also, you can manually delete our session cookies from your browser directly.

Due to session cookies, a User does not need to input information each time, e.g., username and password to enter the account or webinar rooms.

At the same time, session cookies do not contain any personal data and cannot be used to identify you.

Cookies used by us:

Name Time to live Usage description
x 30 days from last use date Preferences for control panel and the webinar rooms

Session cookies are encrypted and stored on our servers in data centers located within the EU territory.

Our website is functional without cookies successfully, and you may generally choose whether to accept cookies. Most modern web browsers are set to accept cookies by default, however, you may be able to delete cookies yourself through your browser's cookie manager. To do so, please follow the instructions provided by your web browser.

Please note that disabling cookies will reset your session, disable auto-login, and may adversely affect the availability and functionality of our control panel, webinars and the services we can provide to you.

You can deactivate or activate the use of cookies through a functionality built into your favorite web browser. To learn more about how to control cookie settings through your browser:

If you want to learn more about cookies, or how to control, disable or delete them, please visit the "About Cookies" website for detailed guidance.

In addition, certain third party advertising networks, including Google, permit users to opt out of or customize preferences associated with your internet browsing. To learn more about this feature from Google, click here.

Information collected by payment companies Paysera and PayPal and cookies used

We neither store nor process your payment details. This process is completely delegated to the companies Paysera and PayPal. We use a method of working with a payment company at which you completely leave our website, account or webinar room and get back to it only after the payment operation is completed.

Any or the payment interfaces we use can install and use its own cookies at its website. Details on the data collected, stored and used by the payment system, as well as their cookie files, can be found on the websites of Paysera or PayPal.

Use of email addresses

Although we care about the protection of your personal data at our website, unfortunately, the transmission of data over the Internet cannot be 100% secure. Consequently, when sending us the data containing your email address you do so at your sole discretion.

The email address provided by you may be used by MyOwnConference for the delivery of news and advertising information about our services, but only with your consent in view. In case you prefer not to receive marketing communication from us, you can unsubscribe from the mailing. For this, use the corresponding link in a message, account settings or by informing us about your decision via

We reserve the right to send us messages regarding changes in our operation or in operation of our services.

Personal data safety

We use only those data centers that correspond to the TIER-III standard and are located within EU. This allows providing the maximum possible protection of your data that are stored on the servers we rent. Also, we use the end-to-end TLS-encryption, which means the data transferred both inside and between the datacenters are transmitted only via SSL tunnels. All your data both inside the system and outside of it are protected using 2,048 and 4,096 bit SSL certificates and are transmitted only via these secured channels. Additionally, end-to-end AES-128 encryption is used when transmitting your webcam and microphone stream when holding a webinar, live broadcast or web conference.

We do our best to follow all procedures for securing and protecting your data against loss, unauthorized access, wrong use, change or disclosure. All our employees that have access to your personal data sign NDA before starting the work.

Moreover, for the sake of security and protection, we neither request nor store in our datacenters the information about your payment cards or other payment information. Payment companies that we work with, such as Paysera or PayPal, individually accept, process and store this information encrypted and secured in their data centers in accordance with their own requirements and rules for working with personal data.

From time to time, we can provide links to third-party websites. If you use these links, you will leave our website or account. Our privacy policy does not cover those websites. We cannot be held liable for the content and observance of your personal data confidentiality there. We recommend carefully checking privacy policy of each separate website that you visit.

When using the banner, logo or sales button in your webinar room, you become responsible for redirecting your webinar attendees to third-party websites.

Transmission of data to third parties

We neither transfer nor sell personal data anywhere. Yet, we shall have the right to disclose your personal data in case of EU legislation infringement. Also, we can disclose your information to law enforcement authorities, government bodies or authorized third-party organization in response to a confirmed request in regards to prevention of terrorism activities, criminal prosecutions, alleged illegal activities or regarding any other activity that may lead to your, our or any user's liability.

In addition to this, we may disclose personal data when completing corporate deals, such as a merger or asset sale. In such cases, we will demand the same level of your personal data protection as we ensure in our company.

Our contact details

If you have any questions, suggestions and comments regarding the Privacy Policy, cookies or GDPR you can contact us via email:

Changes in Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to introduce changes and additions to the present Privacy Policy. You shall be liable for learning the possible changes in a timely manner.

(Last edited: April 11, 2023. Revision: 3.9)