Platform Refund Policy

Any payment released to MyOwnConference shall not be refunded, because with MyOwnConference users pay for the service only when they plan on using its extended functionality, e.g. one needs to increase the number of seats in the webinar room and/or record your webinar, live broadcast or web conference.

Any user pays for the service willingly.

We do not charge any automated payments. Thus, no offered package is eligible for a refund, including the daily ones and the function of increasing webinar room capacity.

For you to be absolutely sure in our service, we offer a free perpetual account that allows using all account and webinar room features.

This free account does not have any time limit; neither does it require providing credit card details when registering. With its help, it is possible to test MyOwnConference before buying our services in case you decide to do so.

Based on the above, we do not issue refunds if in case a payment was made and several days later, a user decides to delete one's account. In such cases, we stop charging such user for any further period, as we do not store any payment details and thus do not process payments automatically.

Moreover, any user can permanently use the features of our platform with one's free account, though with certain limitations stated below.

We do not make refunds, even in case if payment was made several days before your decision to cancel an account. In such cases, we will not charge you for the next period, as we do not process automatic payment. Yet, funds deposited to your account can not be refunded.

In case if a user deposits an amount exceeding the price of the selected package, the difference is credited for any further account use.

Before paying for the Platform's services, we would recommend using a free account to make sure that our service meets your needs and expectations.

The free account has the following limitations:

  • Non-commercial use only;
  • MyOwnConference logo on all moderator's webcam;
  • 2 cameras simultaneously (but each participant can speak in turn);
  • 20 subscribers when importing for invitations;
  • 20 participants at the same time at events;
  • 20 minutes of recording (quality is SD+HD);
  • Link share to the recordings is prohibited;
  • White branding changes is prohibited;
  • 1 GB of space for files.
The rest of functionality is provided in full.

MyOwnConference pays special attention to all reviews from our users for the software and services we offer. If you (as our User) send us a notification about an error, any question or suggestion, we will offer you a quick and competent answer from our Support engineers within 24 hours. As a rule, the majority of the issues are solved immediately via the online chat available on our website, in the account, webinar room or via Skype: myownconference.

If a user has violated provisions of our User Agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or cancel the service upon notification or without it, and no unused funds will be reimbursed.

The present Refund Policy offers no exceptions

We strongly advise our users to check our Refund Policy from time to time to learn any possible changes.

(Last edited: December 22, 2022. Revision: 4.6)

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