User agreement (offer)

Webinar service MyOwnConference provides services on the basis of the present user agreement. This means that for a contract no signature shall be necessary, only consent to the terms of the agreement expressed by means of placing a corresponding check mark.

Terms and definitions

Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings.

  • Offer (contract or user agreement) — he present document published at the website;
  • Information — documents provided to Customer, containing information about range, prices, specifications, works (services) offered, provided and required to perform the work under this contract offer by Contractor;
  • Customer — a private person or a legal entity having accepted the present Agreement and being the consumer of MyOwnConference's services under the Contract concluded;
  • Agreement — a contract between Customer and Contractor on providing information services, which shall be concluded by means of offer acceptance;
  • Customer account — set of user's personal information and files on a Contractor's server, directly connected with ensuring access of Customer to Contractor's services.

1. Terms of Agreement

Checking the check box on the registration page shall mean consent to all chapters of this Agreement. Make sure that you have the right and authority to accept this Agreement and are ready to observe all terms and conditions.

2. Term

The present Agreement shall enter into force from the moment of creation of the Customer's account and shall be valid till its removal;

3. Refund conditions

Customer shall agree that the account shall be created right after the acceptance of this Agreement. Before payment for services, Customer has a possibility to test the service free of charge. Unspent funds cannot be returned to the Customer's account after the service has started to be provided.

4. Rights and responsibilities of Contractor

Contractor shall seek to provide the most stable level of service availability and productivity, but shall not be liable for any failure or delay in performance of obligations due to circumstances beyond its control (force majeure).

Force majeure includes, but shall not be limited to military operations, conflagration, inundation, strikes, DDoS-attacks, absence or delay of services of the third parties or capacities of the equipment used.

Contractor shall not be liable for any mistakes, damages or other unforeseen situations as a result of use of provided services.

On the basis of Contractor's own decision, in connection with illegal or offensive nature of the webinars content, the service can be suspended or terminated with notice and with no refund of unused funds.

5. Customer Rights and Responsibilities

Customer shall be personally liable for the content of the webinars held.

Customer shall not use the service for any illegal purposes.

Customer shall not misuse services, including sharing access to the account with other users who will then use it for their own purposes.

Customer shall be the only authorized user of the account and shall support actual and right information in the Profile, and shall also agree to pay for the service prolongation no later than within three days before expiration of the current service.

In case of non-prolongation of the service and existence of negative balance by the current order, Contractor shall have the right to reduce the period of the service validity for the time , which wasn't paid (debt).

6. Copyright Policy

Customer shall not have the right to place or reproduce any copyrighted material, trademarks without the prior permission of copyright holders.

In case Customer violates this requirement, Contractor shall have the right to impose penalties according to chapter 4 of this agreement.

7. Prices and payment terms

By accepting this Agreement, Customer shall agree that Contractor shall debit Customer with a payment for provided services, according to the rates indicated at the website of MyOwnConference. Rates include payment for services, subscription fee and everything connected with Customer's usage of services.

Contractor shall serve customers exclusively on a prepaid basis and shall reserve the right to refuse any client (Refusal of service) and having specified the reason for the refusal.

Contractor may change the rates for the provided services after 30 days since notifying Customer via e-mail.

If Customer does not cancel its order within this period of time, this shall mean it accepts the new rates.

Customer shall be liable for all expenses incurred by Contractor in connection with Customer's illegal activities, including court costs and attorneys' fees.

Customer shall notify Contractor within 5 days from the billing date to resolve any disputes.

Contractor shall have the right to terminate or suspend the service after 3 days of arrear.

Order can be removed only according to the prior warning. The warning concerning removal shall be made via Customer account, and shall also be duplicated via e-mail.

Customer shall maintain working order of e-mail on the mail resource used by it, and shall receive and review the received notices not less than once in three days.

8. Privacy

All information provided to Contractor by Customer shall be intended exclusively for use in the service of webinars; it shall remain confidential and shall not be transferred to third parties without Customer's permission or without the court judgment.

Accepting this Agreement, the Customer shall agree for information disclosure to tax agencies in case such need arises.

9. Limitation of Liability

Contractor shall not be liable for any loss, including lost profits or loss of data.

Contractor's liability in relation to Customer shall only be limited to cost (amount in money) of services provided to Customer.

10. Support

Contractor shall provide technical support to Customer through: e-mail, account and online chat. The answer to Customer's inquiry can be sent by Contractor: within 12 hours from the moment of registration of the demand for technical support on working days, and within 24 hours on weekends.

11. Notices

All notices and questions shall be sent to the address E-mail address with the detailed description of the arisen problems, including technical ones.

12. Refusal

Contractor shall not guarantee 100% resolution of all issues in favor of Customer, but shall make all necessary actions and efforts to resolve the arisen situation or a problem in the shortest terms possible.

13. Disputes

In case of disputable questions demanding attraction of government bodies to participation in them, Customer shall agree that the disputable question shall be regulated according to the current legislation.

14. Uptime or work without failures

In order to continuously improve the quality of provided services, Contractor can change or modify the service by itself at any time without prior notice.

Service unavailability, inability to use the webinar services with audio caused by Contractor, rather than Customer, shall not exceed 14 hours within 7 days period.

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