User Agreement

The webinar platform MyOwnConference provides its services based on the present User Agreement, which together with our Privacy Policy regulates your relations with the webinar platform MyOwnConference. If you use or are going to continue using our website, dashboard, webinar rooms and/or other services provided by us you agree to accept the conditions of our User Agreement automatically.

For concluding a contract, you do not need to sign it. Instead, you only need to express your consent regarding the conditions of the present agreement by putting the corresponding tick at registration. If you do not agree to the conditions of the present User Agreement, do not use our website, dashboard, webinar rooms and/or other services provided by us.

Terms and Definitions

Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, the following words and expressions shall have the following meanings.

  • User Agreement — the present document published at this page of the website; an agreement between the User (you) and the Service (us) regarding provision of informational services, which is concluded by means of confirming this agreement.
  • Information — electronic documents provided to the User that contain information about the product range, prices, characteristics of works (services) offered, provided and required by the Service for performing the work in accordance with the present User Agreement.
  • The Service, MyOwnConference, we — the company UAB “Akovana”, which is the provider of the MyOwnConference service, registered at Ukmergės g. 223-2, Vilnius, Lithuania, LT-07156.
  • The User, you — the person having confirmed the present agreement, the consumer of the service provided in accordance with the User Agreement concluded.
  • User Account — complex of user personal data, as well as files at the Service’s servers, which is directly connected with provisioning the User with access to the Service’s services.

1. General Provisions

The tick put at registration shall mean agreeing to all provisions of the present User Agreement. If you use our website, dashboard, webinar rooms and/or other services provided by us, you automatically agree to accept the conditions of the agreement, which, together with our Privacy Policy, regulate your relations with MyOwnConference. Make sure you have got the right and authorization to accept the present User Agreement and are ready to observer to all provisions, rules and conditions.

The content of the present website is intended for providing you with general information about the services provided, as well as conditions of their provisioning. We can change the content of the webpages can be changed by us anytime with no prior notifications.

The service is intended to be used by persons of the age of 18+ years. Persons having not reached the age of 18 shall be able to use our Service based on the consent and under the supervision of their lawful guardians. We kindly ask the minors to avoid disclosing any information, particularly any personal data, to either our Users or us. In case of failure to comply with our requirement, we shall not be liable for safety and use of the information a minor provides us with; moreover, the information and messages from such users will be ignored and will not be used by us.

2. Duration

The present User Agreement shall be effective from the moment of creation of the User Account and till its complete deletion.

The User Account can be deleted exclusively by the User from its Account, or by the Service upon prior notification. Notification about deletion shall be delivered via the User Account, with a copy sent via email.

3. Refund Policy

Any payment released to MyOwnConference shall not be refunded, as with MyOwnConference you pay for the service only when you plan on using it. For you to be absolutely confident in our service, we offer a free perpetual account that allows using all webinar room features. This free account does not have any time limit; neither does it require providing credit card details when registering. Thus, you can test MyOwnConference before purchasing with no risks involved.

More about our Refund Policy is available in this document.

4. Service’s Rights and Obligations

The Service aspires to provide the maximum stable level of the services availability and productivity, yet shall not be liable for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfillment of obligations that do not depend on it (i.e. force majeure), such as: low quality Internet connection of the Presenter and/or attendees of the event, absence of a microphone, webcam and other User’s equipment, low performance of the User’s equipment, DDoS attacks aiming at the datacenters used, as well as fires, floods, strikes, military operations, unavailability or delay in provision of services of the third parties.

The Service shall not be liable for any errors, damages or other unforeseeable situations having occurred as a result of the User’s misuse of the services provided.

Based on our sole discretion, because of illegal or offensive webinar content the service can be suspended or discontinued upon a notification or without it, as well as with no refund for the unused funds.

5. User’s Rights and Obligations

The User shall be personally liable for the content of the webinars held.

The User shall refrain from using the service for any illegal purpose.

(Last edited: November 7, 2018. Revision: 1.7)

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