10 Ways to Increase Internet Speed

Internet Speed

Have you conducted a system test in preparation for a webinar only to discover that your internet speed is slow? Don’t despair! We have ten ways to fix this situation. Super cool, right? Read on for ten practical ways to increase your internet speed.

Is Your Internet Slow?

Then …

1. Close programs that may be using internet traffic

For example, programs like Skype, Viber, or Telegram may be using traffic in the background and slowing the internet speed for your webinar.

2. Close all browser tabs that you are currently not using

If you want to return to open web pages later, bookmark them.

3. Stop updating programs and applications

Many programs start updating automatically. It may not be the right time, for example, during a webinar or an important call. If possible, go to the program settings and disable automatic updates. Then, enable manual updates whenever convenient.

4. Lower the quality of the camera

Broadcasting a camera at a maximum rate and low internet speeds is terrible. You will experience broadcast cuts, picture jamming and even no sound. To avoid this, lower the camera quality in the webinar room settings. Another option is to use only an avatar.

Сamera settings

5. Pause the download of files from the network

If you are using a torrent client, you should stop downloading and uploading files for the webinar duration. Also, pause any network downloads.

6. Limit the number of connections to your IP address

Ask everyone who might be connected to your network (colleagues or family) to pause downloads during the webinar or use a different internet connection altogether.

7. Disconnect devices that you are not using from the internet

If the connection speed is low, you may need to disconnect all other equipment from the network – a phone, a tablet, or smart home appliances.

8. Restart the Wi-Fi router to rule out errors

Sometimes such a simple trick can solve the problem. However, you may also need to re-flash the device or even purchase a new model.

9. Switch to a tariff with a higher internet speed from your provider

If you are constantly faced with low internet speed, consider switching to a different tariff from your provider. Yes, you will have to pay more, but you can host webinars, watch broadcasts and movies, and chat with friends on apps like Skype with much more comfort.

10. Connect to a different provider

It’s an extreme measure, but if everything fails, you should think about changing your internet provider entirely.

What if the Speed is Optimal?

If the system test shows optimal speed, you can effectively conduct a webinar or participate in one.

Suppose you still encounter freezing sound and video or broadcasting delays of more than 10 seconds. In that case, we recommend you first pause downloads and automatic updates of programs, close unnecessary tabs and programs, or use the other recommendations mentioned above.

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