A couple of effective tools of language learning

Several powerful language learning tools

Nowadays, students have lots of opportunities to quickly learn foreign languages without spending plenty of time reading books. Instead, it can be traveling, social media, chat applications, online learning courses, conferences, communities, etc.

Quick online language learning

Communication with native speakers remains one of the most effective methods of learning a new language. However, today there is no need to visit other countries to speak to native people. Instead, you can practice via online calls, online courses, and during online conferences. By reading this post, you will learn about online learning courses, international conferences and webinar platforms where you can connect with native speakers from various countries to practice your language skills and find new friends abroad.

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This conference invites every student from different worldwide colleges and universities to communicate and exchange knowledge related to quick language learning. Furthermore, it aims to help people share their stories and experiences. As well as unite them into international communities. It makes learning a new language more effective and faster in the surroundings of native speakers.

The conference itself is an excellent opportunity to practice your speaking skills. Due to that, participants meet people from different points of the world. In addition, such events help reduce communicative borders.


Not a single student knows about Coursera, a huge library of various online courses that provide official certificates and degree education online. The platform is a great choice for many purposes — learning new languages, improving particular language skills, becoming a tutor to teach others foreign languages, and so on.

Coursera offers many free courses that only give knowledge with no official certificates or diplomas. However, the paid online course provides advanced education. Also, it includes support from tutors providing feedback about your education. Moreover, you’ll get certificates at the end of the course if you finish it successfully.

Coursera offers different types of certificates. It depends on what aims you have and why you decided to attend a particular course. So the types of diplomas are the following:

  • Professional — This level doesn’t eliminate the need for higher education. It is a great method to improve your skills and replenish your knowledge to find out more practices of learning languages and have the opportunity to get a good job position related to it.
  • MasterTrack — This program entails learning specific subjects from the particular specialization in Master’s degree. It can be considered a finished course when you study at this specialization. Such a course give you practical knowledge to quickly learn the language to use for your further education at university.
  • University — The certificates can replace the university diploma for those universities that accredited Course education as an official and proven establishment.


Despite their duration, online or offline conferences may give wider and deeper knowledge than universities, colleges, or expensive learning courses. IALLT conferences aim to completely transform the ways of traditional language learning for students of numerous educational establishments. This conference is a must-visit to all people related to teaching how to learn languages and to learning languages directly.

This educational conference collects the most necessary practices to tell people about the future of educational technologies and how they will impact the speed of learning new languages.

Along with lectures from outstanding professionals in the area, participants can also attend various topic-related workshops during the conference. They can choose the lectures they would like to listen to more, and communicate with other participants and tutors. Also, they can evolve professional growth and development and use this knowledge in future practice.

As professional writing service reviews of services claim, teachers looking for effective education commonly struggle with rejecting innovative methods to help students learn a language quickly. Here they can hear the working methods to explain the necessity of technology in education these days, but it all depends on the attitude of the colleges or schools.

After the conference is over, participants receive the opportunity to create new communities. There they can share their experience and best practices of how to start or to teach others to learn foreign languages for a short period of time. So in case the schools and colleges will deny the need for innovations, people will be able to learn new languages on their own and also share their experiences with others.

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It is not a secret that there is no quicker and better way to learn a language than being among native speakers and talking to them daily. However, a minor part of people willing to learn foreign languages have the opportunity to live in another country for some time to practice the language. “Tandem” is an excellent replacement for native-speaking. It connects you with numerous people worldwide to chat and practice your language skills. The application suits people with different levels of knowledge. Users can quickly translate the works they don’t understand in the app and make audio and video calls with communicators. Also, they can avoid noticing grammar mistakes and focus on speaking. You can also become a native speaker, not just a student, and teach other people your native language simultaneously.

Coffee break

Coffee Break is an excellent way to learn a foreign language quickly. Especially it suits people who are always busy and do not have spare time to dedicate to education. Different teachers from different world points record this podcast to listen and absorb knowledge anytime, anywhere. Along with audio recordings, the tool also provides video lessons. These teachers present new complex information on the board in the form of slideshows or interactions with listeners. Users can save all needed materials to personal profiles make notes during lessons to repeat the learned information later. The lessons don’t take much time, so they can suit people of different professions and levels of occupation.

In conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that each person requires an individual approach to learning a new language to make this process smooth, quick, and easy. Some of them like attending only offline courses to see the communicators. Others like chatting on social media. Some like visiting various conferences where several days can provide a broader experience than any other course. According to custom writing service ratings, you should use several methods to define the most suitable one for your personality and learn as many languages as you wish with no limitations in your mind.

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