Webinar in Medical Sphere. How Can Doctor Use Webinar?

webinar for doctor

Have you made a decision to host a webinar in medical sphere but have got no clue what to start with? Today we are going to tell you how to organize and host a webinar in the right manner. By following the below pieces of advice and working on each paragraph thoroughly, you will be able to turn your online medical conference into a meeting place for colleagues, a platform for knowledge exchange with renowned experts, a source of constant income and attraction for pharmaceutical companies.

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Online Meeting Tools for 2020

online meeting tool

Different online meetings pursue different purposes. Your audience may be just a few people, but it may consist of hundreds of people. Some online presentations imply only the speaker’s speech, while others may also involve the audience in collective work on the project.

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The Best Video Conferencing Platforms for 2020

video conference platforms

On the market, there are a huge number of diverse platforms that will help you to organize video conferences and other online events. But how can one make the right choice and select the best software that would meet one’s current demands and goals? Today we are going to make an overview of the top 7 popular video conferencing platforms of 2020, among which you will possibly find the one that fits your most.

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How to Make a Successful Pitch Online

pitch online

Pitching to potential investors is one of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur. It’s a way of getting people to believe in you and your product. Once they have this belief, they are more likely to give you financial backing.

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Boost Team Collaboration with These Collaboration Tools

Team Collaboration Tools

Is your business one of those that had to shift to remote work due to the COVID-19 outbreak? Have you been considering a remote work option for some future job positions? Or are you just looking for ways to improve your team collaboration?

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