6 Proven Ways to Sell Online Courses in 2021

sell online courses

It’s 2021, and almost every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to sell online courses! Not that there’s anything wrong but you should probably note the boom in the market!

It’s only during the mid of 2020 the online learning industry started to soar. The industry itself shows high growth in the future (an estimated 14.6% growth from $144 billion to $374.3 billion by 2026)!

And here is something that’d pique your interest. Udemy as of now has 150,000+ courses and 70,000+ tutors which means that there are 70,000 individuals trying to sell online courses on one single platform alone!

Pretty big competition, right? 

This brings you to the question of how you should sell online courses to stand apart from the crowd, attract potential audience and drive revenue? 

We’ve got you covered on this! This read is all about the best ways you should consider to sell your online courses – highly proven and effective!

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