Choosing The Right eLearning Methods: Factors And Elements

eLearning Methods

The digital disruption of recent years didn’t pass by education: eLearning has seen rapid growth during the last years, expected to reach $325 billion by 2025. As a result, many companies have jumped the bandwagon, creating eLearning courses of their own, both to sell them or invest in their employees’ learning and development. 

This happened for several reasons, with companies understanding the benefits of distance learning, the digital disruption, and the pandemic being some of them. And while eLearning is becoming more and more popular, choosing the proper eLearning methods may still be a challenge for many companies and individuals. First, it is still a challenge to learn the eLearning methods. Second, the way you’ll use it will decide whether your efforts are successful or not, so it requires planning, research, and analysis.

To help you navigate this process, we look at crucial eLearning factors and elements you should consider in this article. 

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6 Microlearning Rules Every Online Training Developer Must Follow

Microlearning rules

Training is an essential part of the journey of every employee. When you get hired by a company, your first month is full of training sessions and presentations. They aim to introduce you to the company culture and policy but also teach you how to use different tools or meet your colleagues. Thanks to the global pandemic that has put a toll on the development and evolution of many companies, the majority of people are now working remotely. 

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The Pros and Cons of Distance Learning

pros and cons distanse learning

Distance learning has been taking over traditional classroom education for years now. This process has advanced and quickened due to the pandemic. There are many people for and against it, so let’s see the pros and cons of distance learning and decide which side we are on. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen a lot more ads for webinars, courses online, and other forms of e-learning since the beginning of the pandemic. It has become a massively popular way of learning new things.

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The Inevitable Future of E-Learning 

The Inevitable Future of E-Learning 

Definition of E-Learning 

The term “e-learning” was first coined by Elliott Masie in 1999. He defined the “e” in e-learning as the experience dimension of learning that includes engagement, curiosity, simulation, and practice.  

Ever since the emergence of the term, e-learning has had several definitions. Sangrà et al., in their publication, grouped e-learning into four categories: technology-driven, delivery-system-oriented, communication-oriented, and educational-paradigm-oriented.  

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Why Webinars are Important for Students

Why Webinars are Important for Students

The usefulness of the Internet in the current time is impeccable. Last year, when the world suffered from the coronavirus pandemic, the Internet and its modes of connection helped the world to bond together.

Webinar is one of the gains from the Internet that is benefiting many, especially students. Webinars offer the convenience of study or attend meetings from their home or any of a preferable location.

 In this article, we will talk about some of the major perks of using webinars for students and what makes it an essential tool for students in current times.

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